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jupiter,moon &saturn in sagitarious 10th house aspected by mar from 4th house

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In my Pisces asscendent horoscope jupiter, moon and saturn are in 10th house in sagitarious aspected by mar from 4th house. I am running at present rahu dasa venus bhukti and my rahu is in 6th house.kindly advise me about the 10th and 6th house effect.





Assuming there is no other aspect or modifications by other planets, professionwise it is overall good except that there may be travel and expenses involved with profession. But Venus subperiod may give you problems with job and sometimes demotion or fear of loosing the job.


Placement of Rahu in 6th is good but with 8th lord Subperiod, (modified by Venus placement) may cause health problems and relation ship brothers and sisters may not be that great or some losses.





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Hi Webyogi


Could you kindly let me know whats the problem in my horoscope. i have Acsendant in cancer. sun,mercury,venus,jupiter,saturn in Libra,Kuja ketu in sagitarius, Moon in Taurus and Rahu in Gemini currently i am facing problems in married life we couples are quarelling very often due to which my mental piece is disturbed. please suggest a solution for the same My mail id is sureshspeaks@gmail.com below is my birth details


DOB: 03/11/1982, Time: 00:15 Am, Place: Bangalore

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