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Sanjeeva Rao Ji.. Can you predict about my married life?

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How will be my married life? Will it be a good one? How will be my husband interms of looks and nature? Will he be fair or dark? After my marriage am I going to live in India or in abroad? Do I already know him? Please... Please... Please... can you answer my queries. Please be frank in your answers. I will be very thankful to you.


Here are my birth details:


DOB: 9th Sep 1987

TOB: 05:05 AM (IST)

POB: Hyderabad, India

Gender: Female.

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Miss Her,

You are too young to be worried about marriage.

But you got lot of fascination about marriage.Quite natural.

Already you are advised by good astrologers.

Looks and nature etc are deceptive. They work for some time till alternative is available. It happens to 90% adults, before they settle with one by marriage.Happy or unhappy :) /:crying2:

To be frank destiny decides whom you should marry , how the future has to be etc. Better you leave the issue to your parents and choose one among those they put forth to you.

Still you want some guidance you can contact me at my mail id. Ask few and important Qs only.

God bless you,


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hello her i'm not sanjeev bt predecting sth about u..now u r passing frm rahu antardasa in budh which 's till 2011 so this's not good fr ur health and ur heart so dont fall in love in this period .and i think u r gud one and u've great capbility of management so u should try for CAT,OR MBA FRM GUD INSTITUTE.u r very lucky girl.1 yog of ur marriage's between 2013 to 2016.and it may be frm ur choice andur parents means2say arrange bt u like that.he can b elder than u and not fair color(sawla).

u r capable to go every where bt give attention in study and crack mba.1 remedy fr that u confuse many times so worship LORD SHIV ON MONDAY N SATURDAY and put rice white flowers on shivji on these days.

gud luck

shyam 08


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