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my brother is not getting success in anything!!

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namasthe to all,


please one of the learned members of vedic astrology, help in some remedies for my brother. he is 32 year old man, never get success in anything, he has not had a good job, he has done his graduation with some40% marks.... he is a bit introvert speaking to others inspite of magnetic and charming looks, he is not married yet.. please help his life wiht some remedial measures


my brother is good natured person, he has good financial support from my father but my brother is not of success, he is very timid, a bit "not interested to do anything". He is runnin a small business but he does not put much efforts towards it???


birth details

dob: 2nd november 1977

tob: 11:45 am

pob: GUNTUR, Andhra pradesh INDIA


please help me in letting the approximate time of his marriage and future change


thanks in advance

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To all the learned members


Please make some valuable suggestions regarding the above mentioned chart....and help save him by some divine remedies.....my brother is depressed...


Thanks in advance

om sairam

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Yem tammadu Yetla Una WU.



The first problem is, your brothers Lagna Lord is in the 8th house,,,, which is realy not at all good.


And the debt and diseases 6th house lord and the death house lord which is 8th is in the profession house.

And the lord of profession house is with rahu....

thats why he is never interested to work.


Ask your brother to wear Diamond gemstone original in the right hand middle finger immediately.

Things will be in his favour after that...

Please naa maata vinendi,

Diamond weight should be 20 to 30 cents........

wear on friday sunrise...


Take care

Be happy


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oops, a small correction, my brother's time of birth is 11:15 am, not 11:45 am...and i have drawn his chart, his lagna is dhanus, and jupiter, the lagna lord is in 7th house, i feel thats why my brother is so good-looking and tall.


please make the time correction and read the chart again.


Thank you very much for your response

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