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Child birth prediction

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I'm married in 2000, but yet waiting for a kid. Medical consultation could not reveal any disorder for us. I've even tried IVF for once, but failed.


Following are the details pertaining myself:

1. DOB: 01 April 1975

2. Time: 11:37AM

3. Place of Birth: Alipurduar, West Bengal.

4. Gender: Male.

5. Current Location - Kolkata.

My wife's details:

1. DOB: 02 August 1975.

2. Time: 11:15 AM

3. Place of Birth: Coochbehar, West Bengal.

4. Present Location: Kolkata.


I'll be thankful if anybody can predict / give views whether we will have a kid? When?

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Dear shakshar,


Rahu and Saturn are cause for health issues. Ketu is very malefic for progeny. Venus aspecting the 5th from lagna, and a good combination of Sun+Mer+Jup in the 5th from moon, Moon's dispositor Mars being exalted and causing vipareet rajyog, are the great benefic influences for child related issues.


Remedies for Rahu, Saturn and Ketu will bring immense relief. Venus-Saturn bhukti ends in Oct this year. After which, you are likely to see a very good phase in life.


Best WIshes


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Dear shakshar,


Reviewing Wife's chart.

With 5 planets in quadrants to the lagna - I would like to switch to Lagna Sphuta Vimshottari.

Using this Wife is running Sat/Sat until Mar 12 2010. After that is Sat/Merc.


Sat is a yogakaraka for Libra lagna with Merc(9th lord and 12th lord) and with inimical Sun also a badhaka.

Since Sat being the 5th lord has not yielded any positive results - we have to pin our hopes on Merc as the 9th lord.


Merc is highly afflicted with Sat, Sun and also Mars and Rahu aspecting by graha drishti. In such cases it advisable to strengthen Mercury by reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam stotra.


Sat/Merc begins Mar 15,2010.

Sat/Merc/Venus pratyantar beginning in Oct 2, 2010 should bring in positive news. Venus is a strong benefic having an aspect on the 5th house.


From the saptamsa - Moon as the 5L in Sagittarius with Venus - a male child can be predicted.


With Best Wishes.


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Dear Deepaji,


Thanx for your comments.

I'm really not very much aware of the astroligical jargons or explanation in respect to the planetary positions.

I'll be thankful if you can give some comments on the followings:


1. Should I be blessed to become a father?

2. When will be the favourable time for both of us?

3. Somebody has recommended Panna, Pitambari Neelam & Blue Zarcon as my favourable gemstones to address the problem. Pls. advice whether these are correct.


Best Regards.

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