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Not getting result according to hard work and have some problem in family

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Respected Webyogi,


I have a problem in my life that after doing so much effort i get little result and there are lots of conflict in family as my brother has passed away six month ago.As i'm aware that now i have Rahu Mahadasha. Please tell me how to progress in my life.


Raj Born on 13 March 1978 at 5:18:14 PM in INDIA


Your Birth Details are :

City Name


Latitude Deg. : 29

Latitude Min. : 59

Latitude Dir. : N

Longitude Deg. : 76

Longitude Min. : 51

Longitude Dir. : E

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You should try and PM him


The problem is that 6<SUP>th</SUP> house lord (enemies) is Saturn and is in Lagna in the house of leo, this is creating the problems for you in general. Besides this, Budh is in 8<SUP>th</SUP> house (death) is finance as well as gains lord. Period of Rahu is running who is placed in second house (finance). The brother died in Rahu-Rahu-Budha dasa. Lagna is aspected by its own lord Sun is a good relief thus with your own efforts it is possible to overcome some of the problems. You may like to do the following remedies:

1. Worshiping lord Shiva and Ganesh may be helpful.

2. Be vegetarian if you are already not so.

3. Donation on Saturdays to needy people may also be very helpful (clothes, umbrella, shoes that are not of leather…).

4. Wear a ring of Ruby in gold and second choice you may like to try is of Coral in gold (but be careful, if it gives you good results even slightly then wear it otherwise take it off). If coral is good, then both rings are good for you.


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