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Namaskar Guru Janna,


I seek your expert advice on me and my partner compactablity. Any comment or remedies will be welcome as i am committed to do them.



I am posting this question for the fourth time but still i am not blessed with any of your expert comment.


I have read many comments given by experts. However it seems like i am running out of time. Any ways thanks for atlest sparing your precious time to read this question. I promise i would not be reposting this same question again




DOB 30 june 1979

Exact time 23.17 in night

Latitude 21:06 N

Logitude 81:02 E




Country of birth India (Raj nandgaon)




DOB 19 AUG 1984

Exact time 11.55 morning

Latitude 051:23:N

Logitude 002:21:W




Country of birth ENGLAND (Bath)


Deepest Regards

Lucky Jupiter

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Hi there,


I understand your disappointment but I think it would help if you can post your query more clearly. As in what do you actually want to know. If you are already in a relationship or want to? are you wanting to get married? are there any moral issues involved etc? cause frankly, as far as a compatibility between partners is concerned, the 2 people involved are the best judge and an astrologer should not be deciding that.


I did have a look at your horoscopes earlier but didn't know from which view point should I or anyone else be doing the analysis?


regards and best

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Thanks for your response


I have had very bad experiances when it comes to relationships. However this relationship has convinced me to think my future with my current partner.


I know her for a year and half now, she has all the quality that i would have possibly dreamt off..


I looked at her horscope individually and found out that she has got very good yoga and star placements.


All i want to know if we get together and get married, whether this relationship will survive long term from astrological point of veiw.


If there any problems whether it can be minimised by doing certain remedies.




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Hi mohit,


both of you have some very beautiful and strong yogas in your horoscopes.


Your horoscope certainly gives a strong indication towards love marriage, and a successful one too. I am not able to comment so clearly on your friend's horo but only because of the limitations of my own knowledge.


For you, I would strongly recommend that you please pray lord shiva on mondays. chant "om namoh shivaya" as many times as you can. It would be extrememly beneficial for you.


rest, leave your past behind. Listen to your heart and only believe in that.


best and regards

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