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Hindu Americans pray to welcome Obama

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Friday, 01.23.2009, 03:37am (GMT-7)


 MINNESOTA: Hindu temples throughout the United States marked the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama with the ringing of temple bells, lighting of sacred lamps, the sweet scent of burning incense and melodic recitations from holy Hindu scripture. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) invited leaders of Hindu temples across America to participate in a national inaugural prayer service. The Foundation said special Pujas (worship services) and prarthna (prayers) were offered to invoke blessings for peace and prosperity just as inaugural activities were afoot in Washington, DC.




"With a new administration comes hope and a promise of new beginnings, and our prayers as Americans reflect these collective aspirations," said Shashikant Sane, M.D., a co-founder of the Hindu Temple of Minnesota. "Our Vedic prayer--from Hinduism's holiest scripture--translated from its Sanskrit asks, 'May God bestow on the leader of our great nation, the strength and wisdom to take care of all people with utmost care and compassion, and by just and ethical means.


'"Several Hindu temples from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida held special services and voiced optimism that the "change" President, President-elect Obama, will renew a commitment to inclusion and religious pluralism in the United States.



Pooja Garg


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