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What's happening at ISKCON Bangalore

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Looks like there will be next week a showdown at the high court if Madhu Pandit has to give up the keys or go on with his huge program of devotional service of daily feeding 1 mio school children with prasadam? What is ISKCON Mumbai actually doing except of showing the deities to visitors? They badmouth Madhu Pandit as being selfish? Feeding daily 1 mio kids prasadam is selfish? Is here someone getting envious when people worship Srila Prabhupada and having tremendous success?


Open Letter to All Devotees on Hare Krsna Hill, Bangalore BY: ISKCON BANGALORE DEVOTEE ASSOCIATION


  • Restoration: The action of restoring to a former state or position; the fact of being restored or reinstated. The action or process of restoring something to an unimpaired or perfect condition.
    Oxford English Dictionary

This text is addressed to all devotees on "Hare Krsna Hill" from the ISKCON Bangalore Devotee Association:

Dear Devotees, please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Madhu Pandit dasa and associates have been trying to get you to support his theft by fraud of Srila Prabhupada's land and money by falsely claiming that he is fighting for the Rtvik cause. The truth is very different:

  • Madhu Pandit Dasa is not fighting a court case in support of Rtvik philosophy. There are absolutely no "Prayers" for enforcement of the Rtvik system in his suit #7934. [see pages 26, 27, 28 and 29 of his suit.] Madhu Pandit has not asked the court for implementation of the Rtvik system in ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971). If Madhu Pandit succeeds and the court grants him all his wishes, still there will be no Rtvik system in ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971). The topic of these suits is the fraud perpetrated by Madhu Pandit dasa to illegally usurp the Bangalore branch of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) and its assets for his selfish, egotistic purposes.
  • ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) is not hounding or harassing any Rtviks. In Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) there are several prominent leaders and Temple Presidents who espouse Rtvik sentiments to various degrees. such as Jasomatinandana Prabhu. Temple President of Amhedabad; Mahaman Prabhu, Temple President of Indore; Rasaraja Prabhu, BI Mumbai and member of the ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) Bureau; and Sevatulya Prabhu, who is serving at the Mumbai, Juhu temple for the last year. Sevatulya is openly Rtvik but he is holding a position of authority in the Pujari department. No one has thrown them out or even removed them from their posts because they are espousing Rtvik philosophy. So this is not about Rtvikism, but rather about Madhu Pandit's fraud and theft.
  • Devotees in the Hare Krsna Hill temple can continue to serve in the temple and maintain their beliefs, just like the other devotees mentioned above.

Madhu Pandit Dasa is keen to point out other's flaws or fall downs but aren't fraud, theft and purgery also a fall down? According to Manu, theft is considered a mahapataka - a mortal sin:

  • "Killing a Brahmana, drinking (the spirituous liquor called) Sura, stealing (the gold of a Brahmana), adultery with a Guru's wife, and associating with such (offenders) , they declare (to be) mortal sins (mahapataka)."
    Manu Samhita 11.55
    "Stealing a deposit, or men, a horse, and silver, land, diamonds and (other) gems, is declared to be equal to stealing the gold (of a Brahmana)."
    Manu Samhita 11. 58.

Bali Maharaja said that out of greed for money, he could not lie because:

<center> na hy asatyat paro 'dharma

iti hovaca bhur iyam

sarvam sodhum alam manye

rte 'lika-param naram </center>

  • "There is nothing more sinful than untruthfulness. Because of this, mother earth once said, "I can bear any heavy thing except a person who is a liar."
    Srimad Bhagavatam 8.20.4

But for Madhu Pandit dasa and his cadre, lying and perjury are necessary expedients for achieving his selfish motives.

Madhu Pandit dasa has stolen by fraud Srila Prabhupada's funds and property. Why put yourself at spiritual, physical, and legal risk to defend Madhu Pandit's anartha of insatiable lust for power and control? You gain nothing in defending his interests, but risk losing a lot.

Very soon (late January early February 2009) the legal cases (#7934 and #1758) involving Madhu Pandit dasa's fraud will come to a conclusion. We are very confident of ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) getting a favorable judgment and are expecting a return of the stolen property back to Srila Prabhupada. We request that the devotees on "Hare Krsna Hill" cooperate with the court order and thus ensure a smooth restoration of control of the temple back to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971), so that the seva to Sri-Sri Radha-Krsnacandra is not disrupted or marred by needless violence urged by Madhu Pandit dasa in a last ditch effort to defend his selfish interests and megolamania.

We repeat, please cooperate with the court order and don't risk yourself for Madhu Pandit dasa, a liar, fraud and thief.

We are sure that the devotees of ISKCON (reg. Mumbai 1971) will look forward to working together with all the sincere devotees of Sri-Sri Radha-Krsnacandra on "Hare Krsna Hill" to usher in a new era free from strife so that we can focus on fulfilling the desires of that great mahatma Srila Prabhupada.

If anyone would like more information about the court case and how Madhu Pandit dasa perpetrated this fraud they can visit our website: http://www.iskcon-bda.org

To see this letter in its original form with live links and formatting please click here.

Yours faithfully,

ISKCON Bangalore Devotee Association

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