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Pls help me .

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:crying2: I bow to you webyogiji


I want your guidance in my life. So far nothing good happened in my life. I am a 27 Years a unmarried women with lot of responsibility and tension. I request you to here pls look into my horoscope and guide me whether there is any chance of my marriage in this year. If so when. What kind of person I may get (about his work, education, family background). Please help me in this regard otherwise I have to see my parents cry....Plz help me and tell me my future ..i am working on temporary basis.

My details:


D.O.B: 24 December 1982

Time: 5.08 AM (Karnataka, Mangalore)

Nakshathra: Uttarabhadrapada

Rashi: Meena

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Dear Jayalaxmi,


As per your details, I framed the following chart:

Lagna - Scorpio, Rashi - Pisces.


Currently you are undergoing:

Ketu + Rahu (7th June 2008 to 25th June 2009)


First, you have a good chart, and don't get disappointed. Great fortune awaits you, and I'm sure your time will come.



You may get married in the second half of 2009 because of Jupiter's influence. Also, you would get a nice loving spouse.


You have a strong personality, and for you education will always pay back. Take my words, either get into finance or trade of gold or any other trade of hot objects and you would be extremely rich.


However, your chart has various aspects. Webyogi would surely throw an in

depth light on all of them.




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Thank you sir for your reply. It has given me a lot of strength and hope to lead my life.

You told that I have Ketu+Rahu …. for that Which God I have to pray.

In my house there is lot of problems of money and health. What to do for that? I am the only one person who is working.

Pls help me in this regard.

Awaiting for your reply

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