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Is This chart too difficult ?

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Lagna : Vrischik 8 = Sukra

2nd house = Dhan (jupiter+Moon)

3rd house = makar (Rahu)

4rth house = Empty

5th/6th/7th/8th house = Empty

9th house = Ketu

10th house = Surya (Sani)

11th house = empty

12th house = Tula (Sun+Mangal+Budh)


How will be life?

Which profession suites the best?

Marriage and finance ?


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Dear Saint,

Some generic predictions (only for guidance).

  • Native will be ambitious / desirous individual. And will be satisfied with physical/materialistic pleasures.
  • Individual should be named with starting letter "dh", "bh" as janm rashi is Dhanush/Sagittarius.
  • Individual is adorned with skeptical mind, hence most likely to be in investigation and related profession. Will not take any thing granted grossly, will have his/her own affirmative tests.
  • Will be spiritually inclined, and will be drawn towards seeking eternal truth. But is advised to concentrate or imagine only -1- form of the "paramatma" and not change the form like for e.g: for few months/year worship Vishnu, then change to lord ganesh for period of few months, then to Shiva and so on. Jatak's spirituallity will be changing from time to time, to which he/she will have control and only worship -1- and only -1- form of god which he/she likes.
  • Marraige will be happy. Native will have love marraige and a healthy and happy relationship.
  • Will be extremly parent lover. Will take of the parents, and lucky for the parents.

Much could be predicted if you make available DoB, ToB, PoB as now there is no means of calculating karak, arudha, aragala etc.

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Dear Jitu,


Thank you very much for sharing your expertise knowledge i was really looking/hooping someone may reply you made my day..


The chart is of my daughter and since there are kalsarp yog and mangal dosa i was bit worried for her future.


Her DOB is


8:35 am

Bhavnagar - Gujarat-India


Thanks again for your prediction.


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