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  1. Respected Guruji's, I have already appeared for the interview and now am pending for the manager to revert me if i am in or out ? So far things went fine and have been told to wait for a week. Can someone please predict if my stars will favor me for this week ? Waiting for your prompt reply. Waiting for your prompt reply. Thanks/Regards Amit
  2. i think you are having pitru dosha in your chart you can consult someone who can talk with your pitru's (anchestor's) and satisfy what they are asking for ? Your chart also have mangal dosha kindly match your chart and your wife's chart with astrologer and they will sure give you a solution for this yoga. Mangal dosha is always a cause for problems in marriage. You can also fast on tuesday by eating one time in a day this will sure give a relief with problems in marriage. Regards
  3. Guruji's, Can you explain me the affect of lagna lord vrischik with parivartan yog with mangal in 12th house ? What will be the affects of this yog in human's life ? Also have nich sun in 12th house (tula rashi) + Mercury together. Do let me know the affects. Thank you
  4. hello, According to chart you can go for marriage but condering manglik effect it says no.. but overall points are 33/36 so can go for it.. Manglik is just been defined as manglik-to-manglik but there are some examples of ppl/human where they can go for marriage. I'v enclosed the chart of yours and the gal. Left is for boy and right is for girl. Well am not a astrologer but i use kundli pro to do the matching calculation.
  5. Dear All, I would like to know that by having external physical relations with more then 1 girl/women may lead to change of person stars ? Is this true or false ? Just would like to know views. Regards Vanraj
  6. Guruji's, Enclosed birth chart with more details easy for analysis. Please comment based on general prediction. Kaal Sarp yog + mangal dosa+ gajkesari yog... Regards Amit
  7. ...... OM namah Shivai ..... I need expertise advise and still i don't know about her future coz she is too small now.. but things can be taken care if we take curtosy but still some knowledgable person have mentioned some points after studying chart.. What i was concern is about her future carrier specially marriage.. thats it.. for her life god blessing are always on all human being on this planet. So astrologer can predict based on her birth start position i would be very gratefull and will pray for prosperous blessings.. Thats all i have in words.. Regards Amit
  8. Dear Jitu, Thank you very much for sharing your expertise knowledge i was really looking/hooping someone may reply you made my day.. The chart is of my daughter and since there are kalsarp yog and mangal dosa i was bit worried for her future. Her DOB is 02/11/08 8:35 am Bhavnagar - Gujarat-India Thanks again for your prediction. Amit
  9. Lagna : Vrischik 8 = Sukra<o:p></o:p> 2nd house = Dhan (jupiter+Moon)<o:p></o:p> 3rd house = makar (Rahu)<o:p></o:p> 4rth house = Empty<o:p></o:p> 5th/6th/7th/8th house = Empty<o:p></o:p> 9th house = Ketu<o:p></o:p> 10th house = Surya (Sani)<o:p></o:p> 11th house = empty<o:p></o:p> 12th house = Tula (Sun+Mangal+Budh)<o:p></o:p> How will be life? Which profession suites the best? Marriage and finance ?
  10. I'v uploaded chart for easy view and understanding... Please someone reply your comments based on your expertise analysis
  11. Dear Expertise astrolgers, Can someone please analyis the chart ?
  12. Can someone highlight based on the following chart ? Lagna = vrischik (8) = Venus 2nd house = Dhan (9) = Jupiter + Moon 3rd house = Makar (10) = Rahu 4rth house = kumbh = Empty 5th house/6th house/7th & 8th house = Empty 9th house = Kark (Ketu) 10th house = Siha (Saturn) 11th house = empty 12th house = Tula ( Sun+Merc+Mars) Is this birth chart have kaal sarp yog ? Is the birth chart have Mangal dosh ? What are the good and bad affects on this persons life ? Please highlight your expertise and sure i will pray to god for good for you all.. God bless VanRAJ
  13. Lagna : Vrischik 8 = Sukra<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> 2nd house = Dhan (jupiter+Moon)<o:p></o:p> 3rd house = makar (Rahu)<o:p></o:p> 4rth house = Empty<o:p></o:p> 5th/6th/7th/8th house = Empty<o:p></o:p> 9th house = Ketu<o:p></o:p> 10th house = Surya (Sani)<o:p></o:p> 11th house = empty<o:p></o:p> 12th house = Tula (Sun+Mangal+Budh)<o:p></o:p> How will be life? Which profession suites the best? Marriage and finance ?
  14. Guys, I'v read some comments and have no heart to read comparission of our own GODS. Comeon all of you there's no comparison of gods all are powerfull and stands at same stage you cannot compare divine powers. Lord Vishnu and lord shiva both respect each-other they both worshipped eachother... so there's no question of doubt to compare. Shiva is a god of truth.. Vishnu is a nouriser (take cares of all life in universe) Bhrama dev is a creator... Do please guys don't compare gods.... it will be consider as sin no matter whom we all believe in.. all is karma u do...
  15. wwwdotziddudotcomfrontslashdownloadfrontslash3101002frontslashkundliprodotrardothtml
  16. Dear Classic72, Thank you for your prompt reply i appreciate your effort and knowledge to reply my query.
  17. Respected Guru's and Astologers, I have recently got a baby girl on 2nd november 2008 time 8:35 am place:bhavnagar- Gujarat Her horoscope is as under. Bhav : Rashi :Grah Lagna : 8 Vrischik :Sukra 2nd house : Dhan : Guru+chandra 3rd house : Makar :Rahu 4rth house : Kumbh :Empty 5th house : Meen :Empty 6th house : Mesh :Empty 7th house : Vrasabh :Empty 8th house : Mithun :Empty 9th house : Karak :Ketu 10th house : Sinah :Sani 11th house : Kanya :Empty 12th house : Sukra :Surya+Mangal+Budh Dosha : Kaal Sarp yog Dosha : Mangalik Yog : Gajkshri yog in 2nd house (money house) My queries: 1) Will she have a bad life ? 2) Will she get married on time ? 3) what does nich surya + mangal results when together in 12th house ? 4) Vrischik langa with sukra will go for love marriage or arranged marriage? 5) Her general prediction? Do let me know your views based on your expertise and knowledge in astrology. Thank you, Abhishek
  18. dear suchendra, Thanks for sharing this wonderful almighty god miracles.. He still shows miracles for humans who believe in doing good deeds.... Please share more so that we hindu's can share internally and purify our soul which leads us to moksh..... GOD BLESS all lives on this planets.
  19. Dear all, I have a query which needs your advice or personal experience. Whenever i pray to god from bottom of my heart and soul tears automatically starts flowing from eyes. Is it a medical problem or its natural Please advice.
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