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KAAL sarp dosh + Mangal dosh + Gaj kesari yog

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Can someone highlight based on the following chart ?


Lagna = vrischik (8) = Venus

2nd house = Dhan (9) = Jupiter + Moon

3rd house = Makar (10) = Rahu

4rth house = kumbh = Empty

5th house/6th house/7th & 8th house = Empty

9th house = Kark (Ketu)

10th house = Siha (Saturn)

11th house = empty

12th house = Tula ( Sun+Merc+Mars)


Is this birth chart have kaal sarp yog ?

Is the birth chart have Mangal dosh ?


What are the good and bad affects on this persons life ?


Please highlight your expertise and sure i will pray to god for good for you all..


God bless



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...... OM namah Shivai .....


I need expertise advise and still i don't know about her future coz she is too small now.. but things can be taken care if we take curtosy but still some knowledgable person have mentioned some points after studying chart..


What i was concern is about her future carrier specially marriage.. thats it.. for her life god blessing are always on all human being on this planet.


So astrologer can predict based on her birth start position i would be very gratefull and will pray for prosperous blessings..


Thats all i have in words..




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God Bless you!

Iam a beginner. Please bear if iam wrong!

this horoscope is good!

1)No kala sarpa dosha

2)Guru + chandra - yoga .that too Guru is his own rashi(dhanur)

3)Rahu in 3rd house =yogakaraka in saturn house

4)Venus and Mars parivarthana - between lagna lord and lord of seventh house. But little beneficiary since lagna lord is also 6th lord

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