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Is mangal dosha cancelled by saturn?? Please help

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Hello Respected Astrologers,


Please take a look at the birth details of my fiance and please tell me if he is manglik or not. Some tell me he is, some tell me the mangal dosham gets cancelled by saturn posited in the 7th house.


His birth details,


22nd march, 1982

6:57 am



I would like to think of it as the long stick (saturn) that you would carry if your were walking on a tight-wire (mangal dosha).


Nothing gets 'cancelled' but one is better balanced although still walking on the tight-wire over the raging rapids flowing underneath.


I have heard the same 'analogy' for some of the other cancellations in jyotish too.


{Also technically speaking, saturn in the non mangalik partner's chart is what constitutes the so called cancellation -- and not in the chart of the mangalik person}

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