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Ayurveda description of Dhatus

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Ayurveda description of Dhatus ( the tissues which help in nourishing body)


There are several definitions for dhatu in ayurveda. Few of them are given below.


"Shareera dharanathdhatawaha" - The tissues which nourish the body and support it are called as dhatus.

"Poshanadharanayoho" - Those which nourish the successive tissue and support it.

"Dadhati datteya vaa shareera manaha praanaan" - these tissues nourish and support the body, mind and life

Dhatus are "Shakti yukta dravyas". i.e they supply nutrients to other vital tissues and keep the body healthy. They nourish and support the successive tissues.


There are seven dhatus


Rasa - Lymph

rakta - blood

Maamsa- Muscles

medas - Fat or adipose tissue

asthi - Bone

majja - Bone marrow

sukra - Semen, sex harmones


Pancha maha bhutas in dhatus

Rasa (lymph) - Jala +

Rakta (blood) - jala + Agni ++

Maamsa (muscle) - Pruthvi ++ Jala

Medas (fat) - Jala +++, Pruthvi +

Asthi(bone) - Pruthvi ++ , aakasha+

Majja (marrow) - Jala +++ pruthvi +

Sukra (semen) - Jala ++ Pruthvi +

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