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Causes of genital herpes out break- as explained in ayurveda

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Ayurveda explains causes for genital herpes (HSV -2) out breaks as follows

1. Increase intake of spicy, salty, sour foods and foods which irritate digestive system.

2. Consumption of curd, yogurt or liquid portion of curd,

3. Intake of beverages which contain alcohol.

4. Usage of cheese, sesame, bengal gram, horse gram, sesame oil, mustard oil, pasteries .

5. Increased consumption of Non vegetarian food leads to increased severity of genital herpes symptoms.

6. Garlic

7. Consuming opposit foods.

8. Sleeping in day time. Consuming food frequently without allowing digestion of previous meal.

9. Trauma or injury to skin

10.Increased exposure to extreme weather conditions can increase genital herpes out breaks.

The above mentioned causes increase the chances of genital hepes out breaks. Hence avoiding these causes help to increase the gap between two consecutive out breaks.

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