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remedies for black magic removal(please read this)

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dear sir,


in today world every one troubled man/woman has a fear in there mind that some one done black magic and work bandhan.some kind of magic for death.


some time its true and some false.now this days there bunch of so called baba and tantrik they misguide people and making him feared and just try get money from troubled person(as they not knowledges or don't to resolve problem).


i just asking this question to all respected guru/gani person in this forum there any way.(which applicable to every one or which can be done by any man/woman)



1.identify person victim of black magic or not.


2.in any case if he was victim black magic or not any remedies for removal this kind of thing.


3.if person thing any one going to do black magic or something wrong with him any step they can taken to protect him self.


any other useful information regarding this.



please post your gayn here as i going yo share this thing to help all humanity in large scale in may forums.




abhishek bansal

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take GAU JHARAN ( of Indian Cow) and mix it with water , mantra is 'tam' ... keep on repeating it and showering the water over your living areas, or say the place where you reside... shastra samat proyog !


jai mata ki,


sir what is GAU JHARAN,where i find it?


can any one done this pryoge for black magic removal.


if any case no one can't find/get this GAU JHARN, any other remedies for this kind of problems.



thanks & regards

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gau jharan is Indian cow's product and as a respect of such gratitude from the mother, it is not called urine... and by the way, gau jharan is the ultra purified essence of Indian cow's ( Indian original breed ) urine ! and the proyog is a sure shot !!! and u can even try the dattatreya sidh mantra " hari om tat sat jai guru datt" the most powerful and secret mantra of its kind !

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