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How to determine Black magic from horoscope.

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Dear all,





Here is some more useful information on Abhchara Or black magic.


Aabhichaara - (©<Óæ) - employment of magical

spells for malevolent purposes; black magic done

on somebody to incapacitate, destroy or to prevail

upon him, secretive rite done with incantations to

harm the opponent. Aabhichaara is of two types -

Kshudraabhichaara and Mahaabhichaara. The

nature, cause and remedies of Aabhichaara are

ascertained by the Prasna, during the performance

of query relating to Aabhichaara. If the planet

indicating black-magic is a benefic planet it is

Mahaabhichaara; if malefic, it is Kshudra-

abhichaara.The purpose of Mahaabhichaara is to

kill the opponent by incantation of manthras. In

Kshudraabhichaara, some substances are buried

underground or kept in places, where the subject

usually moves so that he comes into contact with

these and get afflicted. The nature of the person,

usually an enemy,who performs the blackmagic,

Aabhichaara,his caste, his motive etc. can also be

gleaned from horary. 1.The caste and occupation

governed by the sixth house or the lord of sixth house

indicate the caste of the enemy who performed the

blackmagic. 2.The caste governed by the house of

harm, baadhaaraasi, or its lord is the caste of the

accomplice. Pisces, Taurus, Aries and Gemini and

their trines respectively signify Brahmin, Kshath-

riya, Vaisya and Sudra. 3.If the lord of house of

harm is in any way connected with the 6th house,

then the enemy’s caste is that of the sixth house. 4.If

the lord of the house of harm is in anyway connected

with the lord of sixth the enemy’s caste is that of the

lord of the 6th . 5.If the lord of the 6th is bound up with

the house of harm, then the accomplice belongs to

the caste governed by the house of harm. According

to Sree Varaahamihira, Jupiter and Venus are

Brahmins; Sun and Mars are Kshathriyas; Moon is

Vaisya; Mercury is Sudra; Saturn is mixed caste.

According to another view, the caste of the enemy

is signified by the lord of sixth and the lord of the 10th

signifies the caste of the accomplice. The motive

of Aabhichaara karmacorresponds with the nature

of the sign occupied by the lord of sixth house. The

motive for performing blackmagic can be inferred

from the significations of the lord of the sign

occupied by the 6th lord. 6.If the sign is Mars, the

motive is land; if Mercury, it is gold; if Jupiter, it is

cash and produce; if Venus, it is silver, cattle, clothes,

women; if Saturn, it is servants, low class people,

weapons, vessels, water, roots, fruits. 7.The motive

also can be gleaned from the nature of the house

occupied by the lord of sixth house, second house

for money, fourth for land and so on. 8. Whether the

motive behind the blackmagic is related to a metal,

plant or animal, can be ascertained by examining

the rising sign, planets in the rising sign, lord of the

sixth house, lord of the house of harm, the house

occupied by the lord of sixth, the sign occupied by

the lord of ascendant. 9.Whether the person per-

forming black magic belongs to the same family of

the querist or outside or is a relative or other-wise

can be ascertained from ascendant. If the ascendant

is a movable sign, the enemy is a close relative, if

in fixed sign he is a relative, if in common sign, the

enemy is an outsider. 10.If the ascendant is a fixed

sign, the enemy resides with the native, if common,

he is a neighbour, if movable, he belongs to a distant

place. 11.Accordingly as the sixth lord is occupied

by the lord of the 4th , 5th, 7th, 9th, the enemy will have

the relationship indicated by the house. 4th =friend

or maternal relation; 3rd =brother; 7th wife; 9th father etc.

12.The direction, caste of the enemy and

how far distant he is, should be ascertained from

the 6th house or its lord. 13.The direction and the

caste and the distance of the maanthrik are to be

ascertained from the house of harm or its lord. 14.If

ascendant is a movable sign, Mars in the 11th or a

fixed sign with Mars in 9th or in a common sign

with Mars in the 7th and aspected by the lord of sixth,

it is to be inferred that the disease under query is

caused by blackmagic. 15.If Mars is in the ascendant

or in a quadrant and the lord of sixth is in the rising

sign, the disease is caused by black magic. 16.If

lord of sixth is in the ascendant or 7th or 10th or

ascendant and Mars are in ascen-dant or aspecting

it, the disease is caused by black- magic. Places

where Aabhichaara substance is kept - To bring

about death, exile, dissension, madness, or ruin,

enemies prepare powders and other enchanted

things and conceal them under the earth or in some

hidden places. If in the query related to Aabhi-

chaara, Gulika is placed in a quadrant from

ascendant or aaroodtalagnaor Moon and is joined

or aspected by Saturn, then the incanted powder is

kept buried under the earth. 3.If Gulikais placed in

the 4th house or 4th navaamsa, then the substance is

placed in the house. 4.If the fourth house or

navaamsa where Gulika is placed is watery, then

the substance is kept in water. 5.If Maandi is in

Vargoathama, the substance is kept in two places at

house and in water. 6.If here Raahu joins Maandi

or Saturn, it is kept near anthills.7. If Sun is placed

in a quadrant from Maandior Saturn, the substance

is kept in trees; if Mars is placed there, it is kept in

open fields; if Jupiter is there, it is kept in the house

itself; if Venus is placed there, it is kept in the bed-

room. 8.If Saturn is placed in a quadrant from

Gulika, the substance is kept in latrine and urinals.

9.If Gulika is placed in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius,

the substance is kept in the skull of a tiger or cat;

if Gulika is placed in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn,

the substance is kept in a pot; if Gulika is placed in

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius it is kept in bamboo; if

Gulika is placed in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces it is

kept in a human skull. 10.If Gulika is placed in a

Samhaara-nakshathra, the substance is in the form

of a toy having human form. Destructive asterisms

are Kaarthika, Uttharaphaalguni, Uttharaasha-

adta, Aardra, Swaathi, Sathabhishak, Aaslaesha,

Jyaeshtta, Raevathy. 11.If Gulika is in Scorpio, it

is in the form of an amulet. 12.If Gulika is placed

in a quadruped navaamsa sign it is a bone. 13.The

number of blackmagic substances is to be ascer-

tained from the number of navaamsaas traversed

by Gulika in the sign he occupies. 14.If the lord of

harmful sign occupies an Oordhwamukha raasi,

the substance is placed on the top of trees, if in

adhoamukha sign under the earth and if in

thiryangmukha sign, it is kept inside stones and logs

of woods. 15.According to the nature of planets

being placed in the house of harm or being the lords

of houses of harm, the place where the blackmagic

subject is kept can be ascertained. Sun=near

temples; Moon=watery tracts or where springs

sprout; Mars=burial grounds; fiery places, battle

grounds; Mercury=places of learning or amuse-

ment; Jupiter= treasury or state boundaries; Venus=Aabhichaara

bedroom or village boundaries; Saturn= dirty or

deserted places; if Raahu, Kaethu or Gulika=

serpents’ abode or in its viscinity. Direction where

the black magic substance (kshudra) is kept -The

direction where the black magic substance is kept

can be ascertained from the sixth lord, lord of the

house of harm, lord of sign and navaamsa occu-

pied by the obstructing lord. Whether the black

magic substance (kshudra) could be removed or

not - If lord of harm is in a movable sign, the sub-

stance can be easily removed; if in a common sign

it can be removed with effort, if in a fixed sign it

cannot be removed at all. The methods of

remedying the kshudra - 1.Add together longi-

tudes of the ascendant lord and lord of sixth in the

query chart and find out the sign in which this

longitude falls. Also find which planet joins or

aspects this sign. If it is Sun Aghoarabali is the

remedy; if Moon Kapaalahoama is the remedy; if

Mars Bhoothamaaranabali or Khadgaraavana-

bali or Kritthikaabali is the remedy. If Mercury

Chakrahoama is the remedy; If Jupiter Prathee-

kaarabali is the remedy; if Venus Pratheekaarabali

or Bhootha maaranabali is the remedy; If Saturn

Pratheekaara bali should be performed. 2.It can

also be inferred from the planet occupying or

aspecting the tenth house or lord of tenth house from

aaroodta. 3.If the first letter in the sentence said by

the messenger is a long one, the disease is cured by

music; if it is short, it is cured by worship and feed-

ing; if a combined consonant it can be cured by

performing dance.Who should perform the

remedy - If the querist at the time of putting the

question, looks at rightside and upward direction,

the remedies should be performed by Brahmins; if

he looks down, by temple priests; if looks up on left

side, by the high class among the low class; if he

looks down to the left, the inferior amongst the low

born ones. Identification of the deity causing the

affliction-By closely observing the parts of the body

touched by the questioner at the time of putting the

question, the deity causing baadha can be ascer-

tained. 1.If the questioner touches his chest,

forehead, private parts and navel, then the man has

troubles from daevathaas (deities). If he touches

his sides, back, fingers, neck, serpents are causing

the trouble. If he touches his eye-brows, ears and

arm-pits Pisaachaas(ghosts) are troubling him. 2.If

the lord of the house of harm occupies the sign of

Mercury or navaamsa, the trouble is from deities

worshipped by high class people in their homes; if

it is Jupiter’s house or navaamsa, the trouble will

be from deities worshipped in temples; if it is Sat-

urn’s house or navaamsa,the trouble is from deities

worshipped by low class people; if it is his own sign

or navaamsa, the trouble is from deities having their

abode in solitary gardens. 3.If Mars owning the

house of harm, joins with Kaethu, the troubling

deity is Chaamundee. 4.If Mars joins with or occu-

pies the signs of Mercury it is Panchamee. 5.If Mars

occupies odd signs or navaamsaas, the deities are

Bhairava or Ghantaakarna. 6.If Mars is in even

signs or navaamsas, the deities are Rakthaeswari

or Rakthachaamundee. Position of planets in

different signs and their indications of deities caus-

ing harmful diseases. Sun - in Aries-Siva; in

Taurus-yakshee; in Gemini-Vishnu; in Cancer-

snakes and dharmadaiva;in Leo-deity worshipped

daily at home; in Virgo- Sreeraama, Sreekrishna;

in Libra- Bhadrakaali; in Scorpio-Swayambhoo

Siva; in Sagittarius- Gandharva and Yaksha; in

Capricorn-Kiraathamoorthi;in Aquarius- Saastha,

pisacha; in Pisces- Gandharva sthree, Yakshee;

Moon - in Aries- Goddess Chaamundeeworshipped

by high class people; in Taurus-yakshee; in Gemi-

ni- vimaanasundara; in Cancer- snakes (if weak)

Dharmadaiva(if strong);in Leo-Bhagavathy wor-

shipped by others; in Virgo- Vimaanasundari; in

Libra- Dharmadaiva (deity worshipped at home

for long time) -in Scorpio-Goddes Chamundee

worshipped by low class people; in Sagittarius-

aakaasagandharva(male);inCapricorn- praetha,

soola pisaacha; in Aquarius- praetha, soola pis-

aacha; in Pisces-Aakaasa gandharva (female).

Mars-in Aries-Bhootha raakshasa, Brahma raak-

shasa; in Taurus-Bhairava, yakshee; in Gemini-

Narasimha and Gandharva; in Cancer-Bhaga-

vathi, Krishna chaamundee;in Leo-Sivabhoothas,

Aghora vanadaevathas; in Virgo-Narasimha and

yakshee; in Libra-Bhairavayaksha; in Scorpio-

Bhootha raakshasa, Brahmaraakshasa, Narabhoa-

jinee, Baala prabhakshinee;in Sagit tarius-Kukshi

saasthaa; in Capricorn-Veerabhadra; in Aqua-

rius-Veerabhadra; in Pisces-Kukshisaasthaa;

Mercury- in Aries- deity of fever; inTaurus- Gan-

dharva; in Gemini - Gandharva and Kinnara; in

Cancer-jalapisaacha; in Leo-Naagakanyaa; in

Virgo- Gandharva and kinnara; in Libra-Gan-

dharva; in Scorpio-deity of fever; in Sagittarius-

chamundeegenerated by an angry Brahmin; in Cap-

ricorn-kavachee, soolapisaachee, Kaalapisaa-

chee; in Aquarius-kavachee, soola pisaachee,


Kaala pisaachee; in Pisces- chaamundee

instigated by a angry Brahmin. Jupiter - in Aries-

Siva bhootha formed by the aabhichaara of

Brahmins;in Taurus-Apasmaarayakshiand yaksha;

in Gemini- daevathaformed from the wrath of gods;

in Cancer - deity generated by Agnihoathra;in Leo-

deity created by the aabhichaaraof a king or a lady

against her husband; in Virgo - deity formed by

aabhichaara; in Libra-Apasmaarayakshi; in

Scorpio -Siva bhoothascreated by aabhichaaraby

Brahmins; in Sagittarius- Nil; in Capricorn-

Bhasmapisaacha, Jalapisaacha; in Aquarius-

Bhasmapisaacha, Jalapisaacha; in Pisces-Nil.

Venus - in Aries- Pisacha- bhoothas; in Taurus-

yaksha, yakshee; in Gemini-Aabhichaara daevatha

generated by co scholars; in Cancer-yaksha, yak-

shee; in Leo-temple yakshee;in Virgo-Aabhi chaara

daevatha created by co scholars; in Libra-yaksha,

yakshee; in Scorpio-Sivabhoothasoriginated from

aabhichaara; in Sagittarius-deity originated from

Brahmin curse; in Capricorn-Apasmaara; in

Aquarius-kaala pisaacha; in Pisces- Durgaa

bhagavathy. Saturn- in Aries-apasmaara daeva-

thaa(incurable); in Taurus-Apasmaara yaksha;in

Gemini-Vana daevathaa; in Cancer- deities

worshipped by low caste people; in Leo-Temple

Saastha; in Virgo-praethas of relatives; in Libra-

Kiraathamoorthi, Ayyappa; in Scorpio- Siva-

bhootha; in Sagittarius-Gandharva;in Capricorn-

Praetha and Pisaacha; in Aquarius-Praetha and

Pisaacha; in Pisces- Gandharva. (note: It will be

difficult to give a concrete meaning and shape to

these baadhas in English vocabulary)

Aabhichaarika - (©<Ó\扮) - one who performs

black magic on others. One of the four forms of

Lord Vishnu used in blackmagic. The face is of

gloomy, dark complexion with two or four hands.

Kings used to place this figure clad in black cloth

underneath the enemy’s kingdom to defeat him.

Aabhijaathya - (©< wo) - nobility of birth.

Aabhijitha - (©<<ÿ) - one born in Abhijith


Aabhimukhya - (©<‘Õo)- face to face, affinity.

Aabhyanthara bhaava - (©voNÿæÖ) - internal

aspect of a (bhaava)house. Bhaava means human

experiences, a house, in Indian astrology.The

bhaava or house is said to be of two types - internal

and external. It is said that when the lord of a house

occupies his own house, he signifies the internal

aspect of that house. Every house has these two



Continued ( will post more of It)






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Dear all some more valuablr info on black magic.


Please see the link


Dristi Badha

Dristi means sight. Such kind of obstruction appear in life is some of the person related to us becomes jealous or evil towards us and thus exert invisible evil influences. The “evil eye” has been classified as three kinds of demons. Their names are always “Kamas” as the evil eye is causes by desire (Kama).



1. Ranthu Kamas causes worries and is indicated by the Badhakesh in Lagna or associating with Lagna Lord and Gulika.


2. Hanthu Kamas is intent on killing, and is seen by the association of the Badhakesh with the 6th or 8th house or its lord and the Lagna or Lagna lord. Relief comes from the aspecting benefic planet.


3. Bali Kamas desires some form of Bali (sacrificial offering). This is indicated by Rahu /Gulika is in 4th ,5th ,7th or 8th house. If 6th lord conjoins /aspects, the problem is due to enemy’s action.



Natural benefics have the ability to mitigate the evils in the horoscope. If such planet is in quadrants to the Rahu/ Gulika or aspecting or associating with the Badhak, gemstones of the planet should be worn and the deities indicated should be worshipped and given offerings.



Abhichara means black majic. This is something which is practiced in many ways in different parts of the world, invoking the negetive energies. The basic motive for black magic is driving the enemy away from the locality, kill him or cause Lunacy. This can involve things such as giving him food (polluted)/burying material inside his house etc.


Combination for Abhichara:

1. Badhakesh association with 6th house or lord.


2. 6th lord in 1st, 7th, or 12th house as Mars occupies or aspects Lagna.


3. Ketu is 1st, 4th, or 10th as Mars aspect Lagna.



1. Mritunjaya Japa, Ganapati or Tila Homa indicates the relief.


General Remedial Measures

1. Jupiter [who represent Sadashiva or Maha-Vishnu] & ninth lord help /protect.


2. A natural benefic in the ninth or ninth Lord in strength in a quadrant or Jupiter in Lagna/aspecting Lagna are a few of the combinations for protection.


3. If malefic are in quadrant to them, they will strongly block the efficacy. The ninth Lord can also be the Lord of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 houses respectively. The other house influencing the ninth house would show the deity who need to be worshipped. For example, if the ninth Lord is also Lord of second house then, start the remedial process by worshipping the Kuladevata.


4. If any planet conjoined or aspected by a natural benefic or a natural benefic itself, is in Lagna, then the deity indicated by the benefic planet shall surely protect the person.


5. If the ninth Lord associates with the Badhak House or Badhakesh, then the deity he worshipped in his previous birth has been neglected, thereby leading to misfortune and troubles.


6. If the fourth Lord is associated with the Badhak House or Badhakesh, then it is the Grama Devata who need to be worshipped.


7. If the second Lord associates with the Badhak House or Badhakesh, then it is the Kula Devata. Advise resumption of worship immediately.




Here is the link






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Dear all,

A e mail corrospondance of Sh PVR on the topic of black magic & tantar mantar.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Trouble from bad Tantriks and Preta and sprit sadhakas

> Dear Learned list members,


> Few people are fortunate to be fated to meet great yogis and

> sadhakas. But I am fated in a different way. I usually without any

> intension drawn to Tantriks and Preta and sprit sadhakas in disguise

> of jyotishi and holy persons. Some times they want to be my guru,

> after discovering their true nature I try to run away from them, but

> in the process rub their ego and turn them in enemy and to teach me a

> lession ( who powerfull they are ) tey will use their black powers on

> to me.


> In oher sphere of life too, I often cross the ways of people who have

> connetion to powerfull tantriks, and they will use their powers to

> harm me. |Couple of year back a lady used all possible magic to

> seperte me and my wife and kids so she cam marry me after that. It

> was a real hell for me and my family, they had to suffer a lot with

> me.


> I would like to understand it astrologically, why it is happning.

> Will this be THE trend for the rest of my life! ?


> I found no indication in my horoscope other than that " 5th and 9th

> from Atmakaraka in Navamasa are accupied/Aspected by all the planests

> except moon and Saturn."


> Pl. help.


> Date October 2,1969

> Time : 12:25 (no ratified)

> Place : 82E54 25N08



Namaste Mr Sripati,

Your 6th lord of enemies is Venus. Venus occupies A6 (satru pada) and shows "tangible enmities". The same Venus is in the 9th house, showing that some enmities can because of gurus. That Venus in 9th is afflicted by Ketu and Upaketu (an upagraha). Such an afflicted Venus can show tantriks.

The same Venus occupies Kantaka shashtyamsa. Kantaka means a thorn. A planet occupying that shashtyamsa basically carries with it the bad karma of being a thorn for someone in the past life. Thus, Venus will make someone else become a thorn for you in this life. Planets in good shashtyamsas carry good karma from past life/lives and planets in bad shashtyamsa carry bad karma from past life/lives. One reaps what one sows. That is why shashtyamsas occupied by planets were prominently mentioned by Parasara.

I mentioned "Moola dasa" earlier. This dasa was taught by Varahamihira and Kalyana Verma. They gave it more prominence than even Vimsottari dasa. Moola dasa is available in the free software "Jagannatha Hora 7.02" (check under "Other dasas" lower tab in the "Dasas" tab). In our tradition, this dasa is used to see when which past life karma fructifies. Moola means the "root". This dasa shows the root cause of whatever is happening in one's life. It shows which karma carried from past is behind a particular event.

But exalted Jupiter in navamsa lagna is "Sree Raama Raksha" for you. Your sense of dharma is pure and unaffected by these gurus.

If you want to see when afflicted Venus in 9th in Kantaka shashtyamsa will give his result and send tantrik gurus into your life who will turn inimical and become thorns, use Moola dasa. You can use JHora 7.02 and find that you are running the Moola dasa of Venus from October 1996 to October 2014. This is the time period when such things will happen.

From DK Moon in navamsa, Rahu is in the 8th house in Taurus. So Venus-Rahu antardasa (as per Moola dasa) during 2002-2004 can show some dark forces against the spouse. Rahu with Sun and Gulika can show tantrik forces.

This problem will be there in some form or the other till October 2014. But the peak is during 2001-2004 (antardasas of Ketu, Rahu and Saturn). The current Saturn antardasa is better than the previous antardasas of Ketu and Rahu.

Chara bhratri karaka shows gurus. Your BK is Sun and he is with Rahu and Gulika in navamsa. Thus, praying to Lord Dakshinamurthy will take you to a good guru. You may want to do sadhana of Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy.

Hope this helps.

BTW, how was May-June 2002?

May Jupiter's light shine on us,


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There are following times when a person becomes easy victim:

When there is dasha- antardasha of shasthesh, astamesh or dwdashesh, then a person come under easy influence of evil eye

If lagnesh is weak in kundali, then due to dasha-antardasha of lagnesh, a person may come under bad influence

The time of dasha-antardasha of Rahu and Ketu may also create problems for vulnerable persons

If sun, moon, Rahu are in unholy position, then there are high chances of being afflicted by evil eye CURING THE AFFECTED PERSON

Affected person should read Hanuman Chalisa regularly

Kids and men should read Narayan Kavach regularly.

Mustard, red chili and salt should be sprinkled on special kind of fire and with the smoke of that fire that person should be treated

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Dear all

Some more & the link .


Does Black Magic exist? What's it?

MIL, Oct 17, 2007. Dr. (Swamy) Raj Baldev

New Delhi, October 17, 2007 - Does Black Magic exist? If so, what's the proof? Supposing it is there, is there any procedure to ward it off? Yes, there is. Black Magic is an occult science.

An average person can move his brain waves easily in any direction he wants. If one starts thinking positively, it works positively and if he thinks otherwise, it causes negative effects and these reactions carry an influence called Black Magic of evil eye. An evil minded female releases sharper effects than an evil minded male in such applications.

Though the inensity of evil eye effect is not weighed so strong, its effect cannot be ignored. If an evil eye looks at you while taking milk, good food and nice dress, good vehicle or respectable career, it can damage it to an extent mysteriously without any apparent reasons in sight. But it is correct. How it affects, only the experienced and mature persons can tell you what it is? It is an occult science which one can confirm by observation.

The evil eye can apply brake to an extent to any progress of a person, more the evil minded person, more the effect it carries. This is caused by Brain waves.

Moving Brain Waves is a technology or Occult science whatever you may call it. It has exposed an increasingly popular virtual world to the people, even paralytic patients, can bring change to their lives with the power of imagination, they can relieve of their own stress or tension, and ultimately they can break the disease to a great extent.

With this imagination while sitting before a computer with Internet connection, a person is not to move his finger. His brain portion is connected to the Internet by wearing head gear fixed with electrodes, whatever he thinks; the image shall start appearing on the screen and with that illustration or figure, his confidence increases to an extent to what one cannot otherwise think of.

He can assume of doing anything, you may wonder that his body mechanism shall automatically change within and as he thinks, the image shall change its shape accordingly and shall appear on the screen, and after seeing his own image moving about as per his own fancy or imagination or whatever action he wants to put in himself, his brain shall reinvigorate its activities on the same pattern and help him gradually to become what he longs for.

Under this technology, the scientists believe that a person wearing head gear fixed with electrodes analyses brain waves in the cerebral motor cortex, and thus it would enable him to move a Second Life character forward by thinking he or she is walking.

Imagining movement with the right or left hand shall also make the character turn accordingly in the same direction.

The scientists have, in fact, improved this new technology based on their previous research work done on scanning the brain waves that control objects such as computer cursors and electrical gears.

Even in the Keio University Lab, the scientists have designed artificial arms which operate by reading the brain waves. So much so, this technology could help people undergoing neuro-rehabilitation by stimulating the brain activities.

The idea of this or similar technologies is taken from the Hindu Yogis, even though the scientists are reluctant to accept it but it is correct, a Genuine Yogi is capable of taking out his own soul out of his body for some time or can do any miracle within or outside his body by just sitting and meditating at one place. Yogi can even awaken his kundalini (Dormant creative energy) and can control or release of prana, and by his yog power can cure most of the diseases or disorders for any particular person or persons, and can also transform his brain to any direction he likes.

From here, most of other unofficial fibres of Yoga started turning into a new discipline of Black Magic both for curing and harming others like voodoo, which is also known as Voudou, Vodou or Voudun, meanting ‘God the Creator’or ‘The Great Spirit’.

This knowledge is believed to be originated from Africa but now it is practiced in Africa, Caribbean, Central, North and South America, in particular, and rest of the world, in general.

It is practiced in various forms. However, its main purpose remains to heal the sick and give relief to the needy. Its healing to the individual includes relationships within himself, herself, with others and ultimately with any spiritual power. It is believed that this method is capable of providing relief to an undeserving person at the cost of someone else and if it is correctly believed, then it is considered dangerous method of Black Magic.

This method has often been distorted and misused for many centuries. On its pretext, many wrong things have been done by different societies like human sacrifices, vampires, soaking blood and devil worship for the last four centuries, to have worldly gain or revenge. Even, the film producers have damaged this technique by shooting different films on fragile grounds.

In fact, Voodoo is a life affirming practice that encourages its participants to better understand the natural processes of life and their own spiritual natures, and it can be used both ways to harm others or give relief to an individual. Since it has both aspects, it is a dangerous Black Magic since it is open to damage the innocent people liking causing accidents, snatching their rightful privileges and so on.



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have found this analysis by PVR narasimha rao ji for following details quite well explained..

> Birth Details:


> January 19, 1970


> Time: 1:20:00


> Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)


> Place: 72 E 50' 00", 19 N 07' 00"


> Andheri, India

According to PVR ji:-


I see that there is a very very serious problem here.

Jupiter having the aspect of Saturn, Mars and Rahu shows a Brahmana shaapa (a learned man's curse) from previous life. But that may not be the main problem and the direct cause of current affliction.

IMHO, the main problem is Ketu being in badhaka sthana within a couple of degrees from Gulika. He is the 2nd lord and a maraka too. More importantly, he is in mrityu bhaga, i.e. within the dangerous degree of Leo for him. Each planet has a dangerous trimsamsa (one degree) in each sign. JHora shows them.

Though people may be tempted to take Vimsottari dasa from Moon as usual and say that Jupiter dasa is running now, I will differ. Despite being exalted, Moon is in the 8th house in marana karaka sthana. He is also in his mrityu bhaga (dangerous degree for him in that sign). Such a weak Moon is in my judgment unqualified to start the dasas. We can initiate Vimsottari dasa from kshema tara Pushyami, which has 5 planets in kendra from it.

Based on kshema Vimsottari dasa (JHora gives it), she is running Ketu mahadasa from 2004 to 2011.

Being a maraka, being in badhaka sthana, being in an Adhisatru sthana, being in mrityu bhaga and being close to Gulika, Ketu is quite malefic. Even in D-30, Ketu is again in badhaka sthana with the badhaka lord Mercury. Affliction of Mercury by nodes in D-30 shows affliction to buddhi. Most psychological disorder charts show malefic affliction to Moon or Mercury in D-30.

Planets in badhaka sthana, especially Ketu, give diseases that are very difficult to diagnose and often involve supernatural causes. It could very well be a spirit problem. I think doctors are not of much use. The situation is quite bad an very very difficult to fix with easy remedies. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

The best would be to chant Kumaara Ganapathi mantra. If somebody can chant Kumaara Ganapathi mantra for 4 hours everyday for 40 days, it may be able to solve her problem. The rule is to sit down in one place with a straight back and still body and say mantra mentally. If legs ache, it is ok to get up once every 30-60 min, move for a minute or so and sit down again.

Serious problems require serious remedies and there are no magical push-button kind of solutions.

Best regards,


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Dear all, a story of the Aghori.


And the link






The Man who ate a Human Brain


Maldevta is a popular picnic spot near Dehra Dun. Thirst overtook us while trekking to Maldevta and we decided to ask for some water at a small thatched hut about a eight hundred scrubby hundred yards from the canal we were following. A dusky, well built man wearing a skimpy loin cloth emerged from the dark interior of the hut. Why, of course, we could have water, he answered. He didn't have that much left, just a couple of glasses, as he'd just finished cooking, but we were most welcome to it. Was this his permanent residence, we asked him conversationally? Oh no, he had no fixed place of stay. There was a cremation ground just a stone's thrown away, and he'd built this hut as he had been waiting for a lawaris body (homeless person's body which is generally cremated by a philanthropic organization or trust). As luck would have it, after waiting for some three months, such a body had arrived just yesterday, and he'd been able, in exchange for a good luck charm, to obtain the head of the dead man. In fact, he'd almost run out of water as he had used most of it for cooking the dead man's brain with some rice. He brought out a blackened pot and showed us the contents. He'd already had one portion of it, and would have to space out eating the cooked brain and rice over the next three days. Repelled, chilled, yet curious, we asked him who he was.

He was an aghori, he said, and Calcutta was his birthplace. After early initiation when he was just nine years old into Tantric Kali worship, he'd moved into other deeper sadhnas (disciplines), but always, it was with the forces of the dark. The rules and demands of the search for power in which he was now engaged ordained that he had to eat at least one human brain annually.


Already, he had acquired the ability of divining the future. He could actually show us our future, in case we were interested. Why didn't we come in ? Fascinated yet afraid that at this isolated spot we might end up becoming his annual meal, we left somewhat hastily, forgetting all our lessons in politeness.


Over the next few days, I couldn't get the aghori out of my mind. When a brigadier and his wife came to seek a reading from the cards as they were in deep trouble with a court martial looming on the horizon, it gave me the opportunity to go back to the aghori, with the anxious brigadier and his wife in tow. After all, he had said he could show one the future. What better way of testing the claim ?


He was still there, at the peak of his powers, he informed us, as he'd recently consumed the human brain. This time, we entered his hut and our eyes soon became accustomed to the dimness. The aghori requested us to sit, and as we sat cross-legged on the earthern floor, placed a lota (container) of water before us. "Look into the water" he commanded. And in the water, we saw the brigadier, older, dressed in civilian clothes. After several sequences, we saw the brigadier with the Supreme Court clearly visible in the background, and he was wearing a dark blue suit and distributing sweets to a group of people who were with him.


Some months after this amazing incident, the brigadier wanted to take a friend to meet the aghori, but when we reached there we found the hut in a sad state : it was just a bundle of grass and straw and twigs strewn on the ground. Enquiries at the cremation ground revealed that the aghori had been driven away by irate residents of Raipur, a nearby suburb.


Seven years passed with only occasional meetings with the brigadier, who was no longer in active service and was fighting his case in the civil courts. One day I received a message from him. The Supreme Court was to give the verdict on his case. And when I went on the appointed day, apart from other settings, there, outside the imposing Supreme Court building, was the Brigadier, dressed in a dark blue suit, distributing sweets just as he had been seven years ago in the lota of water the cannibal aghori had placed before us.





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Namasthe ,

After seing artcile on "How to determine Black magic from horoscope "By Sadhu ji sir in this group. i am posting this -Bcoz i dont know how to interpret those things.

I many times fall prey to evil eye Other than falling prey to evil eye frequently,i always have fearful dreams and some times even frightening snake dreams. Pls tell me is there any purvajanma papa hunting me this way?

Are there any "family dieties" or any one who is ignored acording to my horoscope?

Indeed i tried to follow your post to interpert horoscope- but i am not able to proceed sir( i m v new to astrology)

Just let me know if u find any such Aa janma papa and negligence of any diety in my horoscope,atleast i will feel better with the thought that i could find out what it was -so that i can correct it.

I sincerely ask sadhu ji(the author of this article)Web yogi ji,Ayush,Venkat raman ji,Ppena ji and every wise person in this group -if any one of u can share their interpreation about my chart .... please

Dob:Jan 8-1982

time:14:10 pm

Place ;Anantapur(andhra)

Latitude:14 DEGREE,41 NORTH

LOngitude:77 Degree 39 East


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