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Mars Retrograde

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Hello Everyone,


I need to discuss the placement of Mars in my chart, Mars is placed in 5th house (house of Moon) in retograde position (5 degree) therefore it is neechka, and moon is placed in 7th house (house of mercury) with Rahu, does it mean that Mars is not debiliated since moon is placed in Kendra?


Since Mars is retrograde does it also affect 4th house?


Please help clarifying my concepts.


Thank you




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A Neecha planet gets neechabhanga due to placement of multiple planets in Kendras from the Lagna.

1) Dispositor of its debilitation Rasi.

2) Dispositor of its exalatation Rasi.

3) Planet that gets exalted in this debilitation rasi.

4) The planets' placement in Navamsa.


The debilitated planet get a strong cancellation based on the ALL the above factors. Based on your email - Moon as the dispositor of Mars debilitation rasi is just one factor. Check the placement of Jupiter and Saturn in the chart as well. Check how well is Mars is placed in Navamsa - if it is exalted very good.


Retrograde planets usually make the planets very determined and steadfast in their agenda.


So Mars though is debilitated, he receives cancellation of debility and now strives hard to come out of its debility, overcome weakness - basically fights its way. Moon provides some support in cancellation.


Retrogression may be good or bad in what the planet signifies in the chart.

For example - A badhakesha lord in debility may be good but retrogression makes it stronger - causing more problems, obstacles etc.,


Here Mars is lord of 2 and 9 debilitated but retrograde - I would say it is a positive sign - but would involve a lot of effort. Moon is in badhakasthana with Rahu.


It is advisable to post your birth details for the full picture.


With Best Wishes


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Hello Classic72,


I really appreciate your detailed explanation, my birth details are as follows:

29 Jan, 1978 10:55AM, Delhi.


Currently I am under Rahu Mahadasha and going to start Jupiter Mahadasha in 2012. Also, I am in the first phase of Sade Sati. I am quite concerned for my 5th house as I think it affects one's intellectual level and also the house of children.

Sun and Venus are placed in 11th house aspecting 5th house and that adds little more complexity to 5th house. Besides that I have Saturn in 6th house retrograded that may also affect the 5th house, please clarify.


Thanks for your help.




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