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If you put a question to me on http://mathurastro.blogspot.com/ I will try to answer it free of charge. Please see my foreword on the blog. You must give the date, time and place of birth. The time should be accurate. Rectification of time may not be possible due to paucity of time.

But my basic intention of starting the blog is to exchange Vedic astrology concepts.

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Rspected Dinesh ji, My date of birth is 02-11-1965, time 04.48 AM & place is Kanpur, India. My Wife Divya is 19-08-1972, time 11.00 AM , place Kanpur.

We have got a separation, we a son 11 years old, please tell me she will come back or not. I am in very bad situation now & even can work properly.

Please......... Help me I need remedies.

Sanjay Pathak

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My d-o-b is 5th aug 1967 time -06-40 am and place of birth is Palghat(kerala).All astrolegers are saying my time very good rajyog,kesari yog etc.but I am facing very lot of prblems and now saying thatdue to curse of some known un-known spirits (atma) I am facing troubles?pls tell what is my future?financially progress?

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Respected Dineshji,


My dob is 13 September 1984, time is 5:58 AM, place is Morbi, Gujarat, India, Latitude is 22 49N and Longitude is 70 54E. I am looking out for job from past 6 months in USA after completing my studies in USA. I would like to know the following:


1. When will I get job?


2. Whether should I wait here in US or come back to India?


3. In case you suggest to wait in US then how long should I wait in US for job?


Any advice would be really helpful. My email id is deepak.shah13@




Deepak Shah

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