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  1. Dear sir My Date of Birth is 5-08-1967(male) Time-06-40 Am Place-Palghat(Kerala) What is my current position?I am facing lots of prblems in all fields?
  2. sir My d-o-b is 5th aug 1967 time -06-40 am and place of birth is Palghat(kerala).etc.but I am facing very lot of prblems -like misunderstadings,financial crisis,unrest in family life,pls advice any remedies? <!-- / message -->
  3. Guruji, I am giving details of my son. TIME OF BIRTH: 06-40 DATE OF BIRTH 05-Aug-1967 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY. Palghat,Kerala,India SEX Male Your current status : Service / Business: Work Industry and current salary. 19500 Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember financially fall from share market. Family background Father : Retired Mother : house wive Brothers : younger Sisters : younger My question is about What will my futrue? is it going progress or down wards ? I am wearing Pearl Yeloow saphire and red coral is it ok? <!-- / message -->
  4. Date of birth-5th Aug 1967 time of birth-6-40 am place-palghat,kerala,india sex-male working cum business pls help what is my current status is it progressive or going downwards? I am facing lots of problems-mis understandings,financial trobules etc
  5. sir My d-o-b is 5th aug 1967 time -06-40 am and place of birth is Palghat(kerala).All astrolegers are saying my time very good rajyog,kesari yog etc.but I am facing very lot of prblems and now saying thatdue to curse of some known un-known spirits (atma) I am facing troubles?pls tell what is my future?financially progress?
  6. i am 42 yrs 05-Aug:mad: -67,6-40 am,born -palghat,kerala.from beginings all astrlegers predict that I have raj yoga,kesri yoga but now i am facing very bad conditions financially and relation ship wise,now astrolegers say thay some known unknown spirits disturbing your progress.so pls help actually what about my future.some says very good and some says trouble some life.I apraying lalitha sahsranaam,devi kavacham,navgraha stotra ect eventhough i am not getting proper results.
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