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relation issue last 15 years.

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I am married last 15 yesars lived under shadow of diviorce. Hoping since I am a india woman things will be good one day. Doing prayers and still things are getting wores. Please guide me what should I do. ...


Mine:- 1971-04-20 13:38:00

place of birth :- Latitude: 025:24:N / Longitude: 079:45:E,


husband:-1967-05-30 12:25:00

Plase of birth :- Latitude: 025:26:N / Longitude: 078:35:E,

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Thank you Sharmaji,


my birthplade is charkhari UP.

Me and my husband never had harmonyes reations since marriage.

Now last two months condition is worse as my inlasw are asking him to give me divorce. I have two childrens and last two months we have no relations

eventhough living in same house, my inlaws and he is grouped against me. his birthplace is jhansi up.

Your help on this topic will give me sonething to lookforward. I am beeing so hopeless. MY husband does not believe in prayers mantra and joytish but I do.

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Lady, I have seen your chart. You are in the mahadasa of Jupiter which will end on February 12, 2009. Saturn owns the seventh house of marriage but unfortunately it is debilitated in the ninth house. I would not burden you with technical jargon but the findings are as follows:

(a) The friction in marriage might have gone up since September 2006.

(b) This state of affairs would carry on till February 2009.There will be no separation till this date.

© Repetition of Om namah Shivaya 108 times at least, and more if possible daily is a must. If Rudrabhiskeka can also be done on a Monday it will help.

(d) The Moon is very close to Rahu in the sixth house. This is giving mental tension and pain.

(e) Mahadasa would change from February 2009. Saturn would start. Saturn also is not very helpful as far as marriage is concerned. You may seek help from your younger brother in the matter (but not younger sister).

(f) So recite Om namah Shivaya 108 times daily, get Rudrabhiskeka done if possible and read Hanuman Chalisa seven times daily. On Saturdays you may visit Hanuman temple and pray to him for help.

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Thank you very much sir,

I do 108 mala and even contineu, I do fasting on thursday, but can also do on saturday.

Can you please allow me to know, is saturn dasha very bad.

Will there any kind of major marriage problem in whole mahadash period?

I am thankfull for your time and knowledge, I think this the way "GOD" is helping me.

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