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ear ringing after mantra

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The last 2 months i have trouble with ear ringing.


It al began when i did japa of Durga. After the 20th day the ringing began and became louder and sharper. I also felt very overheated. So i had to stop this. Clearly my body couldn't cope with this intens energy.


After a while (10 days) the ringing became less and i decided to do the more gentle mantra of Laksmi. But even this made the ringing come back! So i always wait a week to make the ringing become less and then try again. But every time it's the same problem.


I really like reciting mantra because it helps me mentally be more happy and stable. If i don't recite a mantra i tend to get rather depressed and anxious. It seems that everything that has an uplifting effect worsens the ringing?!:confused:


What could be the cause of this? What can i do about it?



Kind regards



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A ringing in the ears is a indication of blood pressure increasing...


get ur blood pressure monitered when the ears are ringing...


Blood presure does tend to rise while chanting some mantras especially if the desciple is chanting without a guru ...


That is why a guru is considered essential while learning spirituality... without a guru a learner can end up doing immense harm to the body and mind.


The guru helps you to decide which mantra you should chant on and what you should imagine as u chant...


try to keep a calm mind as u chant...


relax and be at ease with the mantra...


most important is the easy flow of prana (breath) with the mantra...


things should improve

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