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Love marraige or arranged marriage

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Can anyone tell me whether mine and my girl friend's horoscope matches and when will be married? How is our future life?


Sandeep: November 10th 1983, Time: 11:13 AM Ramdurga near Belgaum, Karnataka,India

Rashmi: May 28th 1983, Time:22:20 Bantwal near Mangalore, Karnataka,India

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Dear sandy,

In most of such cases like you, astrology has little role to play.Best method is go to her parents,try to convince them and try your luck.Similarly convince your parents also. If they agree, it is well and good. If they don't agree, if you are fond of her, marry on your own .

Asking for matching of horoscopes gives you an excuse to escape from your love affair.True love doesn't rely on these things.Make sure your's is such one.

This is my observation of many such astrological requests.

This is my opinion and you need not agree with me.You can try for answers from other eminent member astrologers.

wish you goodluck,


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I completely agree with Shri. U.Sanjeeva Rao ji.

My dear friend Sandy, true love needs COURAGE, TRUST, Good planning to save the love, and the most important is the FAITH ON GOD only. If you both have it then do not wait for anyone. Just believe on the Creator (The God) and take steps, after that success is depend on the judgment of the Creator.

The true love is not a game of bargaining (profit or loss). It is the path of the God. When a lover hold his/her beloved hand in his/her hand that time he/she should hold it for the life time, if he/she does not do it then he/she have no rights to use that love word. The love should not be for physical/mental pleasure. Love is a responsibility. Read the story of “Mata Rukhmini’s Swayamvar by Lord Krishna” and think what exactly you both should do?

I have added my few lines here, because I have gone from the same situation. My dear friend the love has different philosophy. It is very simple to say “I love you or I cannot live without you” but it is very difficult to understand the deep meaning of this simple line.

Wish you goodluck,Prasad

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To Find Love Marriage in Horoscope we must see following things in the Horoscope:


1. 2nd (Family), 5th (Romance) and 7th (Life Partner) House mainly.


2. Planets like, Moon, Venus and Mars mainly. Important support of Uranus and Neptune is also important but they play important role of creating situation in the course of reaction.


3. Union, 1-5 or 1-7 relations between Mars-Venus, Moon-Venus, Venus-Uranus, Venus-Neptune are strong Yogas which show Love Marriage. There existence in any House will show the Effects.


4. If abovesaid Combinations are happening in 2nd, 5th and 7th House then chances are greater.


5. Uranus creates more Attraction with Venus while Neptune brings Mystery or Secret Part. In both Planet related cases Marriage happens after much problems, mainly from the Families.


6. Saturn or Rahu brings delays or may create Love Affair with Elderly Person, Height/Built Problem, Handicapped, Blind, Caste/Religion Differences etc causing very odd Couples.;)

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hi, i am in desperate need of help. will we get married??


my details:

POB : Kanpur, UP

DOB : 21st Sep'83

TOB : 21:45


My Friends Details :

POB : Karnal, Haryana

DOB : 4th Apr'85

TOB : 13:30


the boys parents arent agreeing and we do not want to run away. Are there chances that his parents might agree?



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