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  1. To Find Love Marriage in Horoscope we must see following things in the Horoscope: 1. 2nd (Family), 5th (Romance) and 7th (Life Partner) House mainly. 2. Planets like, Moon, Venus and Mars mainly. Important support of Uranus and Neptune is also important but they play important role of creating situation in the course of reaction. 3. Union, 1-5 or 1-7 relations between Mars-Venus, Moon-Venus, Venus-Uranus, Venus-Neptune are strong Yogas which show Love Marriage. There existence in any House will show the Effects. 4. If abovesaid Combinations are happening in 2nd, 5th and 7th House then chances are greater. 5. Uranus creates more Attraction with Venus while Neptune brings Mystery or Secret Part. In both Planet related cases Marriage happens after much problems, mainly from the Families. 6. Saturn or Rahu brings delays or may create Love Affair with Elderly Person, Height/Built Problem, Handicapped, Blind, Caste/Religion Differences etc causing very odd Couples.
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