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Pray carefully with your heart. The tragedy caused when GURU falls down

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Dear all?

Why are you bothered about the irrelevent details about guru's fallenness and the like? Does a guru's reputation matters? Go by the spiritual benifit you have derived from the guru as the genune criteria. If you are hightened in spirituallity by the guru's instruction that is a genune guru. If you are not , that one may not be genune. There is such a simple test.


Do you know the story of Dattatreya, He was 'mad', 'drunken' and with many other vices, apparently. But he was a genune and powerful spiritual guru. Stories have it that people who surrendered to him made

tremendous spiritual progress.


On the other hand there are many gurues in the world who are very virtuous and perfect as per the social and religious norms but thoroughly inadequate in a guru's role. their instruction are mechaniocal and does not spiritually benifit any one.


Judge not a guru by his appearences and behaviours.




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If you are hightened in spirituallity by the guru's instruction that is a genune guru. by ravindran

Thought the above statement needed a lil' highlight. That evidence will be known in one's heart.


And also, many bengal saints have been divine madmen,who conformed to no stereotype fit. Ofcourse their activities cannot be imitated...if we do, then we may be perceived as truly madmen;).

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the guru should have prema.period.

And the jeevatma needs to CRY in solitude otherwise the mind will NEVER get pure.Sri krsna likes straight,honest and surrendered pple.That cmes frm crying in solitude.If you cant cry,that means your not too attached to the lord.Your tongue is saying krsna ! Krsna! But your mind is doing bhakti of material world.Gauranga mahaprabhu has defined bhakti as anasanga and sasang.

He further declared that sasanga bhakti(with smarana as the soul) is the real bhakti.Smaranam ! Remember the lord !

Arjuna,hanuman dont chant hare krsna on battlefield.No,their minds are surrendered.

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