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Kala Bhairava Mantra

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Hrim (I will say Hriim, you know, it is a long i) is a biija mantra, used for various devata (sometimes with sun, hridaya and mahavidya Bhuvaneshvari)


aapad.h =calamity, aapadaaM = dangers

dharanaya = (on him) to concentrate

kuru = do

vatuka = the aspect of Bhairava

So I think you can understand what is about. Vatuka is invoked in order to remove dangers. I suggest you to find a transliterated form of this mantra, because there are long a, i, u as vowels in Sanskrit here. Also, the translation is useless if you want practice mantra yoga. the translation in this case is to understand the mantra sense. I hope this information will help you. I read some of other post from you. It seems you have no clue about Sanskrit language/ Please stop using any incorrect mantra, until you learn some rules for sounds used in mantra yoga. I don't know what spiritual practice do you have, or what cult / sect you follow. But take your time to study a little bit deeper the sound formation in Sanskrit, particular in mantra. This is the idea, take my words as advice, is my personally opinion.

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Thanks So Much For Your Assistance And Advice. I Am Presently Learning Very Slowly.


It Is Important That I Understand The Meaning Of These Sanscrit Mantras As Well As To Pronounce It.


I Will Not Stay Away But I Will Be Sure To Rely On The Guidance Of Genuine Educational Sources.

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