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Alok Bhardwaj

Too Many Job Changes ???

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I am Alok. DoB-12-03-1975, 13:05 pm,Delhi.






9- Surya,Budh,Chandra




Present MD/AD/PD - Shani/Guru upto Dec 2009, AD of Ketu.

Next MD - Budh


I have been going through desending trend in my career since Dec 2005. I have changes many jobs in last 4 years but not able to concentrate at one place.


Financials are ok but not as per my expectations. Family life is good.


As per various astrologers, my kundli has excellent potential but i have not experienced the real potential of the same yet !!!


At present I am again planning to change the job very soon. I dont know whehter i would be able to get or not.


Please suggest what should i do?


I am wearing Neelam 4rt, Pukhraj 3rt and Panna-7rt.





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Hi Alok,

You have Karmesh Guru combust and positied in ninth(12 th bhava from 10 th) with Moon in Amavasya yoga.This conjunctions make you take small things as insults to your pride and often make you blow things out of proportion with your seniors or with colleagues. Also,Vyayesh Shukra is powerful in Karma bhava which keeps ambitions unchecked.It would be better to stick to the job

in hand as things may become rough next year after Budha Dasa commences.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for replying Sonat.


I am a firm believer in astrology and I have been keep consulting regularly about my horoscope for last many many years.

In these many years i have been told that all my planets are placed at good position and there having very good/good aspect with other places.


1. As per other astrologers, my Shukra/Guru are in 10th house which gives me immense career opportunity to grow in life. but Yes I agree with you what you have said, i usually get involve in unwanted bad situation with my seniors (without any reason) which ends up in a bitter situation where i always in loss, without any fault. If i clearly remember It happens atleast 3-4 times in my career.

What is want to know is that how can i control this malefic factor since I am a working professional and my life is depend on my career.If such insident keep happening regulary then it would be very difficult for me to stable my career. Pls advice


2. but Your another answer to my query has raised many queries in my mind. You said things become "rough" after Budh Dasa ?? How is it possible? In these many years I have been learnt that my career/life will take a U turn when Budh Dasa commense as Lagna (mithun) lord Budh is in 9th house and it will give me maximum forture during its own dasha. Please clarify.


3. Lastly, I am going through under notice period from my current job which ends on 30 Aug 08. I have been learnt that My current MD/AD/PD whcih is Shani/Guru/Ketu prompting me to make a change in my career and after the starting of pratyantar of Shukra from 28Aug a new job might come on my way because Shukra is V Good in my chart. So in chart I will be jobless after 30 Aug. I dont know what will happend next. Your Comment Pls.




Alok Bhardwaj

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Dear Alok,

I am travelling till 29 th.

I will answer your query in detail later -but quickly wish to draw your attention to a major point that as per your birth data - birth time 13-05 IST at Delhi,

your case happens to be a chart of Sandhi Lagna. You have Cancer rising with just zero degree and five minutes as per J-HORA software calculations. In such cases going by Rashi chart may create confusion.


Now it would be better to get your birthtime accurately determined

through birth time rectification after tracing back the Major life events.

I think respected Astro-Gurus may throw some light on this.

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Thanks for reply Sonat.


I am sure my birth time must be correct. Many incident of my life took place as predicted by various astrologers and i find them correct.


Let me give you a snap shot of various insident happend in my life so that you may connect these incident to get correct time of my chart:



05-1987- Move from Delhi to Jaipur

1987-1995- Avg Study History (No Major incident)

06-1996- Mother Passed Away - Shani Sadhe Sati

12-1996- Got a good career start with MNC

03-1999- Got married ( Love Marriage)

03-2002- Marriage failed, Mutual Divorce by Court

06-2002- Move from Jaipur to Delhi, Got another breakthrough in career

02-2003- Remarried Successfully without any compromise !!

08-2003- Move from Delhi to Chandigarh,another breakthrough in career

12-2003- 1st Baby birth

08-2004- Movefrom Chandigarh to Delhi, another breakthrough in career

11-2005- Promoted in job but that could not last for long.....

*12-2005- Lost my job and kept idle for 9 months withotu job*

09-2006- Got a job but had to move away from my family

01-2007- Father passed away

05-2007- Got a new job in Delhi and back to my family

08-2008- On the verge of leaving a job, No hob in hand as of 27 Aug.


Now you observe few things very clearly-

1. Too many change of places due to change in job.

2. A stable career from 1997 till 2005. No growth after that.

3. Financials were comfertable as i got great financial help from my younger brother during bad period.

4. I had a conflict of thoughts with my father through out his life.

5. Two marriages. Current one is going very well.

6. I feel very close to divine,nature,vedic culture,hindusm etc and try to live life simple as much as possible.


I hope this information is sufficient for you to take help.



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Dear Alok Bharadwaj,

I am replying here wrt your pvt message.

You are born at 12.50 PM and not at 13.05 PM.

All these have happened during the Shani Mahadasa which ends by 12/2009. This is a 19 years experience from 12/1990 to 12/2009.

There is parivartana yoga between Lagna lord Budha and 9<SUP>th</SUP> lord Shani. Budha is your 4<SUP>th</SUP> lord also. Shani is lord of 8<SUP>th</SUP> also. Shani gave mixed results of 8<SUP>th</SUP> (losses) and 9<SUP>th</SUP> (gains).

Your second lord Chandra is weak as you are born on Amavasya.

Sukra is Vargottam is your 5<SUP>th</SUP> lord(Love and thinking etc) and 12<SUP>th</SUP> lord(Loss and expenditure etc) is exalted is in 10<SUP>th</SUP> with 7<SUP>th</SUP> and 10<SUP>th</SUP> lord Guru in his own house. This makes you have an aptotude for change in relationship and job.

Kuja the 6<SUP>th</SUP> and 11<SUP>th</SUP> lord is exalted in 8<SUP>th</SUP>. 6<SUP>th</SUP> lord in 8<SUP>th</SUP> is good that you can be healthy and energetic but fail to achieve the goals and improve family life. Kuja in 8<SUP>th</SUP> confers Kuja dosha being exalted, gave rise to second marriage after separation from your loved one. Had you prayed Kuja earlier you would have avoided second marriage.

Budha Mahadasa will be able to help you . It is from 1/2010.

Overall Chandra,Budha and Kuja are to be propitiated. Pray/Puja to Lord Shiva & Parvathi mata on Mondays for Chandra with lighting a lamp,offering flowers and milk with sugar as Prasad.

Pray Sri Vishnu for Budha regularly and Sri Hanumanji on Tuesdays for Kuja.

Wear a pearl ring on little finger and green emerald in your ring on little finger or ring finger. Don’t use any other gemstone.

Wish you good luck,


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USR Sir,


Your predictions are absolutely correct !!! Narration of result of planet'slacement is quite right.


Does correction in birth time from 1:05pm to 12:50pm changes the result at a very large scale ??? as I feel all your analysis and predictions are as per my expectations and matches with the different event of my life.


Since I have been under Shani Mahadash, I was wearing "Neelam" since last 6 years and I felt good after wearing it. Now I have removed it.


As per your advice I am wearing 7 crt Emrald for last 6 months as per my ascendent Mithun and its lord Budh. And I pray HAnumanji on Tuesday and chant mangal mantra ( Om Bhom Bhomahya Namah:)3 Mala every tuesday.


Only things which I had NOT done so far is :

1. Pray to Vishnu

2. Not wear pearl so far

3. Pray of Shiv/Parvati on monday.


from now on I would surely apply both the the remedy mentioned above.


Thank You Sir.

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