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The Romantic Side of Orissa

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The holy land of Lord Caitanya's pastimes more and more being turned into a tourist attraction, at least they give the beaches spiritual names like, "Tulasi kshetra, Gopalpur beach", etc to engage the tourists in hearing spiritual sound.


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Sunday, 08.10.2008, 10:18pm (GMT-7)



India's eastern pilgrimage locale, Orissa, remains so mobbed with religious adherents that at times the romance of its enamoring 482 km coastline seems to get overshadowed. And for those who love to discover new things in off-the-beaten tracks, the beaches are too full of secrets to suffice one vacation. The exotic Olive Ridley Turtles' secret home is just one of the many.


The hundreds of temples, especially, those at the Capital Bhubaneshwar, the Sun Temple at Konark and the Jagannath temple at Puri, the Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary, a boating cruise along the Chilika lake watching dolphins frolic about - are things you must hew into your tour.


Below are some of the beaches of Orissa

Gopalpur on Sea (180 km from Capital): The seven-kilometer long beach is breathtakingly beautiful and lies along with the Bay of Bengal. The seaport of the yesteryears today happens to be amongst the most pristine and the unpolluted beaches in India. The small fishing village is thronged by thousands of tourists every year. The Gopalpur-On-Sea beach derives its name from the Hindu God 'Gopal', one of the many names of Lord Krishna.


In case you would like to truly freak out on the Gopalpur-On-Sea beach try a hand at angling with the localities. Sea cruises make up other excellent fun options at Gopalpur. Besides the bewitching beach you may even hire a bicycle and explore the marvelous mango orchards of the colorful village. Close to Gopalpur are the other tourist attractions too. There is Chilika the largest brackish water lake in India and the sulphur-spring of Taptapani.


Though you may plan your visit to the Gopalpur-On-Sea Beach anytime of the year the months from October to April are the best.


Puri Beach (60 km from Capital): The pious land of Puri is probably one of the finest beaches in India on the coastline of Orissa, situated on the shores of the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Bengal. Though the pulsating beach of Puri attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year the best time to check out the beautiful beach at the pious Puri is early November when you may participate in the annual Puri Beach Festival. The combination of the crafts, cuisines and cultural of Orissa will not fail to charm you. The catamarans the cane hats will get embossed in your mind.


Konark Beach (65 km from Capital): Falling on the Golden Triangle circuit of Eastern India besides Bhubaneswar and Puri, Konark is famed in the annals of history for its exquisite Sun Temple, and equally renown for its lovely beach front. Konark enjoys a mixture of tourists. who are either holidays makers or pilgrims to majestic Sun Temple of Konark.


The journey to this seaside place offers an insight into the beauty and charisma of the beach. Known as Chandrabhaga, the wide open beach of Konark is rated amongst the finest beaches of India on the eastern coastline. The long stretch of sylvan sands, soothing blue sea rushing in the rolling waves makes the Konark beach one most lovely place to relax and rewind after a hectic schedule.


Paradeep Beach (125 km from Capital): Christened 'Tulasi Kshetra', the beach draws vacationers to its beatific estuary of the Mahanadi with islands and creeks, and plush green forests that add to the scenic beauty of the locale. October to May is the best time to head for this exciting destination. Some major tourist destinations - Udayagiri, Lalitagiri and Ratnagiri, are all within a 100 km radius.


Balasore (214 km NE of Capital): Balasore is convenient base point for excursions to Chandikpur and Remuna. Also noted for its traditional handicrafts of lacquered toys, brass-works and stone carvings.


Chandipur (230 km from Capital): 16 km east of Balasore, is Chandipur, another pristine beach. Here the sea, recedes 5 km at low tide and then flows rhythmically after a regular interval every day. This play of the tide combined with bracing environs make it a wonderful vacationing jaunt.


Snore by the Shore Some of the most exotic beach resorts add that extra dose of spice to the Orissa vacationing expedition. The Palm Beach at Gopalpur on Sea; Hans Coco Palm Beach Resort, Hotel Toshali Sands, Hotel Nilachal Ashok on Puri are names to remember if luxury is your priority. Else budget accommodations can be had everywhere.

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