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Help in Meditation Needed

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I have been practicing meditation for past 3 years.But a typical problem i am facing is that i am unable to do my meditation in morning(around 5-6 am).After sitting for meditation after 15 minutes i begin to feel heavy sleepiness.At that moment i am unable to control my thoughts i.e. i am unable to witness my thoughts.

But while in evening meditation there is no such problem.I can do very deep meditation at this time.

I am all the more disturbed because meditation in brahma muhurta is the best.

So i am missing this precious amrit vela in sleepiness.

please help me

thanks in advance

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Hello Dear Friend:

There are some solutions so you can enjoy the Amrit. The first is to take a cold shower in the morning. This is very stimulating and you feel so fresh. After 3 seconds you get used to the cold, and it will become a good habit. If you have heart conditions avoid this one. I usually wait a while atleast 10-15 minutes after waking up to take the cold shower.

Another option is to do some yoga. especially stimulating poses that are energizing. Agni pranayam (breath of fire) can be stimulating.

You could go for a walk too. Drink lots of water (this is good anyways)

Find someone close to you who also likes to meditate at this hour so you can keep eachother up.

These are some things that help me


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