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Moral Dilemma of Duty in the Essay Bhagavad-Gita

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Students taxing their brain on the topic of Bhagavad-gita to bring it into the rationality of present understanding. The fascination of trying to understand the spiritual meaning seems unbroken.


Moral Dilemma of Duty in the Essay Bhagavad-Gita



Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Krsna persuades Arjuna to struggle in a bloody civil war by using the ideas of Samkhya Wisdom, bhakti yoga and Karma Yoga. Arjunas brother is the commander of the army attempting to dethrone the current patriarch. Arjunas cousin, the ruling king, is struggling to hold onto the throne which was passed to him from his father and grand father. A fight is about to happen and it is going to define the fate of a nation. We will study each idea and show how Krsnas use of these ideas fails to make a moral justification for the fight. Three successive generations of the governing family have been passed over for the throne for different reasons to a family of close relationships. Now two sides of the family are struggling to find out who will govern the nation.


Arjuna examines the morality of a civil war in which he will have fight against his friends and relatives. He says that those people for whose good they want kingdom, enjo! yment and pleasures, they are here in struggle, relinquishing their lives and riches. Arjuna then continues to argue that booties to be won from such a fight are not worth the demolition which will need to happen to his army to gain the victory. The character Krsna tries to help Arjuna solve the moral problem.




Arjuna is a potent archer riding in a chariot and Krsna is its pilot.

The first chapter of the essay Bhagavad-Gita tells about a moral problem of Duty of the character Arjuna. In this essay a try will be made to demonstrate that Krsna does not manage to morally justify the war in he and Arjuna are about to struggle. Having completed a number of Dissertation Proposals himself, Tiffany uses her knowledge to provide individualized customer support to students, who order Dissertation Research Proposal. He states that all the wealth contained in three worlds would not be ample to justify killing of friends and family gathered on the battle field.


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Arjuna then continues to argue that booties to be won from such a fight

There are no booties to be gained.This war is fought between two armies and the winner takes the throne.


Looting the civilians is not the way the wars are fought and krishna is not a middle east or biblical god to order looting civilians property.

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