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How to Open an Internet Cafe??

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I'm going to open a Mobile Phone Shop & Internet Cafe. Any suggestions for names for the business?


So far I thought of "Gauranga Mobile & Internet".


Any suggestions would be HELPFUL!


Are you serving coffee there? Food? You can find good used computers at repair shops. They usually refurbish junked computers and put new hard drives in them, sell them for cheap.


Possible names?


"Have a Nice Day: Internet and Mobile"


"Jeepers Creepers"


"No Pudding, Just Cells and Putes"


"Online and Outta Sight"


"Mellow Yellow"


"Form a Queue"

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Hare Krishna,


I am finally moving into Flat in Leicester 1 Bed, within 2 weeks. Have the tenancy agreement etc. I want to start an Internet Business having seen them across India, also I'd like to sell mobile phones. Can't seem to find cheap Pc's to buy in

What about the debt trap? To successfully run a mundane business is very complex. First you should have a look at your chart, let's say your Saturn (planet of house 10, occupational status) is in your chart in house 12, house where materialism dissolves, you end up bankrupt when trying to make a mundane business. In order to still play it safe you'll have to find sponsors like the British integration/ business foundation fond etc and not take any risk whatsoever.

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Yeah food is must, maybe a mini restaurent. I like 'form a queue' for a name very catchy. Suchandra whats the British Foundation? more info please google brings up all kinds of info. Shani is okay in my chart. :)

Please repost your date of birth (DOB), time of birth (TOB) and place of birth (POB) in order to be 100% if an Internet Cafe comes out successful.

In order to tap the full potential concening company foundation in UK, did you consult an Indian information office? They possibly could point into the right direction where to apply to get subvention from the Commonwealth Fund.

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Sorry the City is 'Bradford', Uk. I saw a Jyotish in Vrindavana he said I got no problems with Shani-dev. He said I should do some business because I will make a lot of money.

Yes, you're right. Saturn is in 7 and ruler of the whole chart. Since 7 is the house of partnership, could be that things are solved in teamwork and not so easy accomplished in a solo attempt. To run an internet cafe looks almost like the same work as running a prasadam restaurant. When asking devotees they probably would say, please don't try for an internet cafe but try to make a prasadam restaurant, something more spiritual. But this is just a remote diagnosis. Do you live at a place where there're other devotees? Here at our place internet cafes are not seen as so profitable since the internet for private homes is quite prevalent, widespread. Only those internet cafes like in the central station and other hotspots where rent is expensive are doing well. But this might differ from country to country. Are there already other internet cafes in your town? How are they doing?

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Reviews are cool. Until you eat there. I dont know. SINCE i love pizzas maybe,.

Interesting article today at http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1180499, after all work is meant to make money.

"If you manage to crack these, you will be rewarded with a lifetime prepaid card which entitles you to a good job, house, car and someone to marry."


The Swami Plan:



Mumbai Working hard for their money

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 21:59 IST


Just as cell phones changed the face of Indian communication, the emerging trends in education are all set to bring about a revolution. Rashmi Bansal offers different “plans” to help you along Once upon a time, careers were like fixed line telephones. You were lucky to get one and grateful for the connection, despite the hiss. Now, careers are like cell phones. You have many to choose from, and keep upgrading your handset and changing the ring tone.

Depending on your socio-economic status you have the following talk time plans:

The Swami plan: This plan is basically aimed at India’s vast and furious middle class. It involves spending some of the best years of your life studying for entrance exams like

IIT JEE, AIEEE, CET, CAT, XAT, and so on. If you manage to crack these, you will be rewarded with a lifetime prepaid card which entitles you to a good job, house, car and someone to marry. Either from campus or based on how cool your qualifications and salary look in the classifieds.

Those who don’t qualify under Swami plan can opt for the ‘mini Swami’ where they at least get the degree, if not the IIT-IIM branding. Hence it is always safer to opt for engineering over Physics, History or Home Science; and MBA above all else.

The network coverage is poor if you graduate from a B-school in Jhumritalaiyya but it’s better than ‘no signal’. Which is how ordinary BAs or BScs feel today, despite the love and affection showered on them by call centres.

The Bunty plan: Yeh world hai na world, isme yeh woh log hain jo kuch kar ke dikhaana chahte hain. Magar lack of angrezi skills and general spit and polish impede their progress.

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Do we need to take a permission from some authority to open a internet shop.

Now a days it is mandatory to get the identification of internet users. , because of threat mails etc.


What internet provider you are using in your shop. What are their charges.

ys, dev.

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