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ISKCON Temple Man Quits over Beating Children Scandal

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ISKCON Temple Man Quits over Beating Children Scandal







Jul 19,2008, ENGLAND, UK (BOREHAMWOOD TIMES) — The president of a Hare Krishna temple in Letchmore Heath has been forced to resign after being found guilty of beating students in India. Gauri das, President of Bhaktivedanta Manor, in Hilfield Lane, inflicted "inappropriate and excessive corporal punishment", according to a report published this week. The abuse occurred during his time teaching at the Vrndavana Gurukula school between 1991 and 2001.



The child protection branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) leading the investigation, refused to reveal the ages of the students involved or the extent of the abuse, but 17 students and three adults have given statements against the temple leader.



Following the findings, Gauri das has been banned from serving in a position of leadership or teaching in temples for the next three years. He has also been ordered to pay $3,000 to projects benefiting Hare Krishna children.



The first wave of allegations against Gauri das was investigated in May 1995 by ISKCON. At the time, it acknowledged the beatings but said they were not "serious". After the founding of the organisation's child protection branch, based in Florida, the investigation into Gauri das was reopened in 2006, resulting in Monday's report.



Gauri das made no comment on the findings but said: "I would like to be with my family and spend some time thinking about this."



ISKCON has said he must write a letter of apology to the abused students "clearly stating his actions and expressing remorse". After all the requirements are met, he will be permitted to return to a position of leadership.



A Bhaktivedanta Manor representative said: "We regret that Gauri das will not be able to continue as an officer of our temple, but we also recognise the important need of the child protection office to acknowledge problems in the care of children in the past, and to address those issues.



"We are pleased Gauri das has indicated he would like to meet with the former students in the hope of further reconciliation"

Official Decision on the Case of Gauri das






ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection


P.O. Box 1438 Alachua, FL, 32616-1438






This decision, decided on July 1, 2008 was rendered in accordance with the guidelines established by the ISKCON Child Protection Policies and Procedures Handbook and ratified by the ISKCON Governing Body Commission. This statement is the Official Decision of the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (ICOCP).




For purposes of identification, Gauri das is a UK devotee currently serving as President of Bhaktivedanta Manor, England. Gauri das was a teacher in the Vrndavana gurukula from 1991 to 2001, the time of the allegations. He was also known as Gudakesa during that time.




This decision only defines the parameters of the relationship of Gauri das with ISKCON. It holds no legal status outside the ISKCON organization.



Allegations and Evidence




Allegations of excessive corporeal punishment have been made against Gauri das. These concerns centered primarily on the administration of corporeal punishment while a gurukula teacher at the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula in Vrndavana, India from 1991 - 2001.




The ICOCP has received statements from approximately 17 former students, and three adults, alleging inappropriate and excessive corporeal punishment while Gauri das was a teacher at the Vrndavana Gurukula. The ICOCP also received and considered the lengthy evidence, testimonies, and responses presented by Gauri das.







The CPO investigated and received testimony over a period of several months. A panel of three arbitrators carefully considered all evidence in this case, including the responses from Gauri das.




Based upon the evidence presented to the CPO panel, Gauri das is found to be responsible for inappropriate and excessive corporeal punishment, a behavior contrary to ISKCON policy and Vaisnava behavior.






There are mitigating circumstances in this case, including the acceptance of corporeal punishment within India, and the report of many positive accomplishments while Gauri das was at the gurukula. Further, there is no evidence that Gauri presents any current threat to children. Given the mitigating circumstances in this case and Gauri’s genuine desire to serve the mission of Srila Prabhupada, the panel felt that restrictions should be moderate.




The following restrictions will be immediately implemented:


  • 1. Gauri das may not serve in a position of leadership in ISKCON temples or projects for three years from the date of this decision. This includes positions such as temple officer, department head, Director, etc.

    2. Gauri shall not give class or lead kirtan in ISKCON temples or projects for a period of three years.

    3. The above restrictions will end at the end of the three year period provided that, Gauri das fulfills the requirements listed below.

    4. As a lifetime restriction Gauri das shall not have service directly overseeing children in an ISKCON temple or project, such as managing or teaching in an ISKCON school. He is free to assume any other service in ISKCON.



  • 1. Gauri das must write a letter of apology to the former students clearly stating his actions and expressing remorse. The letter should be sent to the Child Protection Office.

    2. As restitution, Gauri das should pay the amount of $3000 to one of the following projects benefitting children in ISKCON: Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (Vrndavana), Bhaktivedanta Manor gurukula, or ISKCON Youth Ministry.



Once these requirements are met, at the end of the three year period, restrictions #1 and #2 shall be lifted. Gauri das may resume any appropriate service, and the panel and the CPO wish him well in his continued service to ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada.



Other Standard CPO Policies




Restriction policy
: The decision of the judges constitutes the minimum restrictions that an ISKCON organization must enforce. Any specific ISKCON organization may choose to invoke more stringent restrictions. However, it is expected that all ISKCON entities will carefully consider these decisions of the CPO before imposing more stringent limitations, as the constraints prescribed herein are deemed to be sufficient.




: According to the ISKCON Child Protection Office Policies and Procedures Handbook, Section 5, in cases where allegations are determined to be valid, the Official Decision may be appealed to the Child Protection Office Appeal Review Board within one month of the date of this decision. The Official Decision described in this document is effective immediately, and the individual must abide by its guidelines during the appeal process, should he choose to appeal this decision.



Arbitration Panel and Case Manager
: Panel members serving on this case were: Jayasacisuta das, Kaisori dasi, and Praharana dasi. The Director of the ICOCP was Tamohara das, and the Case Manager was Mahavishnupriya dasi.



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Some history of abuse in the 1990s written by GURUKULI DASA


"I am a former Vrindavana Gurukula student. I am very much aware of the abuse and violence that many innocent children suffered by Gauri das, formerly Gudakesa: Asram teacher, who used to beat the kids with violent slaps and sticks.

For over a year Gauri das, at the time a brahmacari, was sleeping in a room behind closed doors with his personal servant: a little Nepali gurukula boy. Although there is no evidence that he sexually abused the boy it was, to say the least, unacceptable practice, especially taking into consideration the history of abuse in Gurukulas.

Once one of Yasomatinandana’s sons complained to his father about Gauri’s inappropriate behavior, after being confronted by Yasomatinandana, Gauri somehow decided that it was a good idea to teach the boy a lesson by locking him up in a room for a week.

On a trip to Bombay a ten year old boy was throwing stones from the temple roof onto some huts workers lived in, Gauri had him put his hands on a window sill, while two boys were holding each of his hands down Gauri beat him repeatedly on his back with a wooden plank.

On one particular incident Madan Mohan das (gurukuli) brought an incident to the attention of the GBC. Gauri das had left bruises on the leg of one boy, whom he had repeatedly beaten with a stick. Photos of the injury were supplied to the GBC.

The boy’s crime was that he had stolen some sweets from Vaijanti Mala Mataji. Funny (or sadly) enough the GBC commissioned a very biased person to investigate the incident: Braj Bihari.

At the time he was very much involved with the management of the Gurukula, unfortunately as mentioned earlier, he was more interested in protecting Gauri than the children. Braj Bihari made no attempt to remove Gauri.

When Gauri was questioned, he justified his actions by saying that the boy had stolen from a brahmana; King Nrga had taken birth as a lizard for a similar crime. Gauri’s view was that he had done the boy a very selfless favor: he saved him a birth as a lizard……

After the enquiry, instead of deciding that such a man was unsuitable to care for the children, the GBC issued a mandate that he could no longer hit the children on his own, the temple president and the vice president now had to be present (note that the GBC did not forbid the beating of the children).

In Gauri’s words he claimed the GBC made him swallow the sour pie, it seems he was disappointed that he could no longer whimsically beat the kids.

In a recent letter to a former student Gauri says:

“Please name those from my asram who were maltreated? It may rather be a case of those who were not in my ashram who were largely misbehaved that didn’t like me. Indeed if there were cases of maltreatment I will with all sincerity accept full rectification and make heartfelt apologies”.

I wish to remind to Gauri that the above incidents were far from isolated and all the children involved were, at the time of the incidents in his asram; they simply happened to be the most outrageous ones. It must be noted that while Gauri was a teacher he beat the boys regularly for all sorts of reasons.

Some were beaten for talking back at him, some for playing at the wrong time, others for disobeying him and yet others because they had been recommended for punishment by his monitors. (a monitor was a boy put in charge of other boys) If you happened to be disliked by the monitor, you were in trouble”.

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That is true ISKON preach and says that they are the only people in the right Sampradaya. But they are the one with more divorces. Look at Kurmadas Prabhu. He is direct disciple of Parabhupad but he is already married 3 times. The last one was a girl was fit to be his daughter.


Well spoken, we should however consider that without forbearance nothing would have happened concerning spreading the Holy Name in the West.



Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī and Sanātana Gosvāmī very kindly preached the bhakti cult in western India, and following in their footsteps the propagators of the Caitanya cult in the Western countries are spreading the saṅkīrtana movement and inculcating the principles of Vaiṣṇava behavior, thus purifying and reforming many persons who were previously accustomed to the culture of mlecchas and yavanas. All of our devotees in the Western countries give up their old habits of illicit sex, intoxication, meat-eating and gambling. Of course, five hundred years ago these practices were unknown in India—at least in eastern India—but unfortunately at present all of India has been victimized by these non-Vedic principles, which are sometimes even supported by the government.


Adi 10.90

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I dont know all the facts first hand but I am very dissapointed to hear all this. One can never have a reason for beating up a child no mater how grave the situation is. Beating up children stems from anger and as we know anger reaches a high when lust is not satiated....it is very easy to just follow rules without understanding the real meaning of those processes...when these things happen a bad name is given to what we follow in our religion......ISCKON seems to have gone awry...this is what happens when there are Asrams all over the world and people are appointed in charge of that Asram....i remember something similar happened with Swami Muktanand Asram in Ganeshpuri near Mumbai.....what a waste of everyones time and energy...we have a tendency to just follow......blind faith is good...but need to apply our minds to also in what we believe in.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Shouldn't ISKCON also address this serious problem where devotees can have so many wives? How long can ISKCON tolerate such lusty behaviour?? The media has polluted so many western devotees. Also, the influence of Television and Movies, video games, computers, heavily saturated with advertisements, where women are treated as objects for self-gratification (extended selfishness) has creep in and weakened so many ISKCON devotees over the years, especially the householders who sadly have the T.V. or Computor as their alter instead of Radha and Krsna and Srila Prabhupada.

Also what ever happened to seeing a women or a child's material body as containment where a spiritual entity resides instead of something to use as an extension of our own selfish lusty sense gratification.

Understanding this is the highest level of human and spiritual rights. We have to learn to serve and carefully nurture ALL others spiritual needs and not exploit, abuse, molester and assault them to satisfy our own frustrating itch!!!

Unfortunately, most of the second generation of children of the first generation have been lost to the glitter of western technology and temptation. Why? Because their parents and devotee mentors were not free from the bad habits of their youth, even though they have been devotees for years.

It just goes to show that imitating advanced devotees with the shaved heads and show of reciting slokas and leading wonderful kirtans, will only last if it comes from deep, deep within the heart of total conviction. Not even the majority of the original chosen eleven imitating gurus were convinced, what to speak of the rest of us.

Prabhupada says we must be convinced; we must believe and NOT just hold our breath to pass the test of time as some are doing.

Unfortunately, most have failed and today ISKCON is no longer attracting the youth of the world in the West as it did 40 years ago. In fact if it wasn't for the Indian community, ISKCON would be in great trouble.

Now in 2008, the 40-year novelty has well and truly worn off and the mirror of what ISKCON is supposed to be, is now becoming clearer. Not just on the surface that was mostly imitation in the early days, but underneath as well that will make ISKCON real and unbreakable. Destruction can only come from within, never from without.

So because the imitation could not last in the 1980s and 90s, it revealed where most of us were really at and how un-advanced we really are. ISKCON can and is using such failure to hopefully bring about a more mature, caring gossip free ISKCON devoid of imitation, immaturity, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse (meaning women within marriage as well).

As Prabhupada has said, 'If we are SPIRITUALLY intelligent, then such failure WILL be the pillar of ISKCON’s future success' of again attracting young Western boys and girls AS WELL.

<!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->

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The media has polluted so many western devotees. ... the influence of Television and Movies, video games, computers, heavily saturated with advertisements, where women are treated as objects for self-gratification (extended selfishness) has creeped in and weakened so many ISKCON devotees over the years, especially the householders who sadly have the T.V. or Computor as their alter instead of Radha and Krsna and Srila Prabhupada.


Family meltdown


Posted in Recent articles at 5:39 am Auguest 2, 2008 by Krishna Dharma




Exactly echoing a message found in the Bhagavad-gita, a senior judge recently declared that “almost all of society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”


In a speech in Brighton to lawyers from Resolution, formerly the Solicitors’ Family Law Association, Mr Justice Coleridge warned of a “cancerous” increase in broken families and said the government must take “comprehensive action”. He described his experience of handling increasing numbers of cases in family courts as being a “never ending carnival of human misery - a ceaseless river of human distress”.


The judge was not mincing his words; just as Arjuna in the Bhagavad-gita some 5000 years previously had not minced his words either. “With the destruction of family the eternal traditions of religious practises are destroyed,” he said to Krishna. And the ultimate end of such destruction would be “dwelling endlessly in hell.”


It seems such hellishness is already being experienced if the good judge is to be believed. Largely concurring with Arjuna’s analysis of the problem, he went on to state that the effects of “family meltdown” would be seen over the next twenty years to be “as destructive as global warming.”


The family unit is of course the foundation of any society. This is where we imbibe most of our values that take us through life. Therefore in the Vedic system family life revolves around spirituality. From an early age children are instilled with a strong sense of morality and habituated to regular spiritual practice.


The great saint Prahlada said that this should start “from the very beginning of childhood.”


Translating this into a practical programme for today, Srila Prabhupada states in the Gita, “The best process for making the home pleasant is Krishna consciousness. If one is in full Krishna consciousness, he can make his home very happy, because this process of Krishna consciousness is very easy.


One need only chant Hare Krishna, accept the remnants of foodstuffs offered to Krishna, have some discussion on books like Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam, and engage oneself in Deity worship… One should train the members of his family in this way.”


As lifelong celibacy is not really an option for most of us, we need to enter family life. At least we should, but of course this is one of the social ills that the gradual erosion of moral standards has produced.


People want to liase with the opposite sex, but increasingly the necessity of this being within the context of marriage is being seen as old fashioned. But the Vedas describe this as illicit sex, productive of so many other problems.


For example, “unwanted progeny”, one of the ills listed by Arjuna in the Gita. This means children born or raised outside of a functional marriage and who are therefore more likely to be problematic.


As Mr Justice Coleridge put it, “I am not saying every broken family produces dysfunctional children but I am saying that almost every dysfunctional child is the product of a broken family.”


It should be obvious that a family where husband and wife live happily together is best for the children and indeed for society as a whole. And that is where the above spiritual practises are so helpful.


As the old wisdom states, “A family that prays together, stays together.” Krishna consciousness certainly makes us peaceful and also gives us a higher happiness beyond the flickering pleasures of this world.


This takes the pressure off of our relationships, which so often fail when one or other partner fails to give the pleasure and enjoyment they once gave to the other. When we become partners in a spiritual quest rather than in just an attempt to mutually gratify our senses we take our relationship to another level.


And if we can set such examples for our children, while at the same time involving them in the spiritual practises, then surely things will improve all round. Peaceful people produced from peaceful families will mean peaceful societies.


It will even have serious economic benefits, as the cost to society and the taxpayer for dealing with the problems of dysfunctional families is astronomical. An expert on the subject, Bob Rowthorn, Professor of Economics at Cambridge University, has said that with one in three children expected to experience parental divorce or separation, the potential cost to the Exchequer runs into billions of pounds.


“The long-term cost of subsidising family break-up is unsustainable,” he said. “It is time to switch resources towards a system that encourages and supports two-parent families to ensure their survival.”

That system is Krishna consciousness. Sadly the good judge did not recommend spirituality as a solution, but this is surely the only way to stabilise our families and society.


It is, as Prabhupada said, simple, and furthermore it costs nothing at all beyond a little investment of time. Why not give it a try in your family?

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The Bhaktivedanta Manor is Leaving ISKCON





Respected devotees of Lord Shree Krshna! Please accept my Namste, All glories to you, your family and His Divine Grace.



I have been privy to topics and emails discussed by the Patron Council at Bhaktivedanta Manor. The Patron Council is a board of "patron donors" that has been making the final executive and directive decisions for the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford for many years working in close cooperation with Srutidharma das and Pranabandhu das.



I want to inform the devotees worldwide of what I see as some serious deviations of the decisions made by the Council Members. The Patron Council of Bhaktivedanta Manor has decided to legally separate the Temple from ISKCON. In the very near future, the Bhaktivedanta Manor will become an independently owned and privately managed Charitable Trust, with no legal obligations to ISKCON, Srila Prabhupadaji and GBC, and this is giving me a serious pain in my heart.



I want to write this email because I hope that with this knowledge the GBC and the true followers of Srila Prabhupadaji can do the necessary to keep this beautiful and dear Bhaktivedanta Manor the way Prabhupadji wanted it.



This information has been given to me by some Members of the Patron Council in the strict confidence; I know it is accurate beyond any doubt.



Below is an email written by one Patron (Mr. Sanjiv) about their plans for keeping Mr. Gauridasji as a shadow Temple President, not accepting CPO/ISKCON decisions. Some more documents will follow in the next few days.



I must remain anonymous for fear for my family.






Mr. Patel



  • ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    Agarwal Sanjiv K


    RE: CPO Official Decision

    Patrons Council -Bhaktivedanta Manor

    Respected Ashok prabhu


    I have read your document with immense interest. I bow down to your amazing enthusiasm to fight for justice and support the Manor.

    With reference to CPO, I totally share your views and have started making my enquiries very discreetly.

    I personally would like to go full blast but it would just be wise and in the best interest of our beloved Gauri prabhu to act with calm only in terms of waiting for the right time to strike.

    Please be very careful that expression of our feelings at this time might weaken the subsequent appeal process. I have decided to wait till the appeal process is over and then take apart the whole structure/procedures/policies etc apart after that. We can join hands/resources/time/intellect in doing that. May be we can discuss directly if you wish so. You can either email me on:
    or call me on my mobile [
    number deleted

    Regarding your questions about the situation of the Manor, we have been discussing these issues in detail either in the patrons council meeting or otherwise.

    How would you feel if there are discrepancies between the alleged presentation and actual evidence?

    I have been thru the testimonies and Gauri prabhu's response in detail personally- I do not think we need to worry about this aspect.

    How the Team Manor would support the leader in the light of so called tarnish image?

    We are supporting Gauri prabhu and we should all just echo that mood

    Even if his sentence is reduced, the interim president would run the affairs in meantime and how he/she would feel during or at the end of the term?

    The interim president knows that he is interim. He should not really be attached to the position

    Do you feel the sentence would be reduced?

    Yes if not abolished altogether

    What about salary and other benefit?

    We are in the process of finding a way forward, pls bear with us.

    What duties he would perform in the interim period?

    We have a lot of projects at the Manor, he has immense contacts, we would like him to project manage them as a consultant

    What, if any; risk Manor would face in short term and long term?

    Need to be evaluated

    How would you mitigate those risks?

    Stay together as a unit and have faith in Krishna.

    Could he be effective leader?

    Who? If you are talikng of Gauri pr - HE has been for last 6 years of course he wiill be.

    Would any key players in Manor feel aggrieved, against of him or put road blocks? How would the management deal with those issues?

    Yes, there are always obstructions and obstacles in the path, some of which we are already aware and some not. They will be seen as challenges and we have a strategy for this which we can not discuss on the open forum

    Any potential legal implication arises?

    Not a huge amount, but we have exceptional people like Vinay pr who always has an answer.

    What would be effect on brand name 'Bhaktivedanta Manor- Home of Lord Krishna?

    We can dwell on that later.

    Is Manor as an entity, non compliant with laws of land like employment, tax laws, companies act and so on.

    I do not think so, if you feel so pls let us know we will be delighted to look into it.

    What would be effect of shadow president?

    Rotating chair than shadow president.Works well in Chowpatty.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.


    Hare Krishna

    ys Mr.Sanjiv Agarwal, M.S., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.S.(Urol.)

    Consultant Urologist, Hammersmith, Charing Cross and St.Mary's Hospitals,

    Hon.Senior Lecturer Imperial College School of Medicine

    The Bhaktivedanta Manor is Leaving ISKCON,

    Part 2


    Aug 19, WATFORD, ENGLAND (SUN) —
    Respected devotees of Lord Shree Krshna! Please accept my Namaste, All glories to you, your family and His Divine Grace. Today I submit some more pertinent documents regarding the regime of fear that rules the Bhaktivedanta Manor with an iron fist. Again, I must remain anonymous in fear for my family.


    Mr. Patel


    This should form the basis of discussions tomorrow (I can only join at 9.30PM).

    I would suggest that we ask for modification in the decision based on the above clause of either 1. reduction in the duration (which I think is unlikely to succeed) or

    2. Removal of the point 2 from the decision (re classes and kirtan).

    We then go to appeal.

    Ashok prabhu's point about getting a written apology from GBC is a very valid one because they have to take the responsibilty of the consequences of this decision. We cannot and should not be left to bear the consequences alone.

    I know you have more pressing work to do for the next 24 hours but I want to raise this now so people get enough time to ponder over this.

    Any one except local community, TP, local GBC can put our case forward: ? HH SRS, GBC chair etc (see the clause above)

    We as a group have to always stick together and we will.

    I remain really privileged to be part of this elite, highly intelligent group of individuals


    Mr.Sanjiv Agarwal, M.S., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.S.(Urol.)

    Consultant Urologist, Hammersmith, Charing Cross and St.Mary's Hospitals,

    Hon.Senior Lecturer Imperial College School of Medicine.

    2. Investigation

    It is rather sad affairs. You should have now known on weakness of the process and the system. I read the manuals .The CPO, I do not doubt ability of devotees who tirelessly render services for CPO. My issue is with the process itself. If anybody is found guilty after due process then the person should pay adequate penalty and awards to victim.

    Reading the email from CPO to Gauridasa, I feel that all these meeting, long hours and pain is wasted. The manual states the circumstances one can appeal. We should have demanded as I suggested as trustee of the Manor not as supporter of Gauridasa the opportunity to examine the process. I do not accept the arguments like it is power by GBC and nobody can question. You as a trustee have public interest to ensure and maintain Tone of The Tops. Hiring and firing is part of this.

    The million $ question is how one know that the process is followed through and could be measured against some standards.

    I suggested in my previous email that some of you should pay visit here and see the evidence in person and then decide objectively. I was happy to pay the expenses of this end. I guess I may be in minority to think like this. You're trustee. It is your responsibilities to ensure to maintain the integrity and tone of the top. It has nothing do with personalities. Remember, Manor enjoy great deal of tax break of the donations. You're representing public interest. Your rule of thumb must be persuasiveness rather then convincing. Neither have I known what quality control system CPO has nor standard to measure against off. Some of you find this difficult to understand but let me write some standards in plain English. The entire investigation should be measure against following standards I developed using my professional expertise in this field. I do not wish to bore you with lengthy verbiage but I hope you would get feel of it. One day we may provide training on this.

    General Standard:


    • Training:
      what type of training is provided to investigators? How competent investigators are? What professional qualifications do they possess? What investigation undertaken outside ISKCON?

    • Independence:
      Are investigators are independent of victims, plaintiff, defendant, body or organization? Whom they report? How they remunerated? Who pays them? Has any of them work or associated with any victim or defendant in past?

    • Professional Due Care:
      Is investigator failed to do that ordinary prudent person do based on evidence? Any bias? Any misrepresentation of material fact? Reckless disregard of truth?




    Field Work Standard:
    • Planning:
      How the investigation was planned? Was time line and budget set? How and whom notice was served? How nature, timing and extent of investigation were determined? Who determined that? Was adequate resource afforded in terms of time and money?

    • Control:
      What controls like policies and procedure is used to base this investigation? In another words, if one can not have policies and procedure then one can not determine the effectiveness of control. The investigation is like an assurance whether the control is working or not.

    • Evidence:
      Must be both competent and sufficient to afford an opinion. Competent means it must be relevant to objective. Personal observation has higher weighting then hearsay. On other hand 3rd party evidence has higher weighting than hearsay. Sufficient means enough to afford opinion based on persuasiveness rather than convincing.




    Reporting Standards:
    • Opinion:
      Is it based on evidence or circumstantial evidence? How the sentence is determined? Any guidelines on sentencing? Is any peer review exists before an opinion? What is qualification of peer reviewer? How the work papers maintained? What is the process of access and rights of work papers?

    • Disclosures:
      Are all the facts in totality disclosed? What are the guidelines on disclosure? Can injured party sue the entity or body on defamation of character?

    • Consistency:
      What quality control system CPO has so it renders opinion with same consistency in all case without any exception.




Reading the main body of the text from CPO director, two types of appeal is sited. I think one which is to do with process appears to be the correct ground. Regrettably I did not read in the ground of appeal by Gauridasa.



To summarize, the TP must meet the highest standards in all respect and provide leadership to lead effective team at Manor. The person must pass through all due diligence and standards. Any stakeholder could initiate an investigation but Manor should have 110% confidence in the investigators that they would meet, at minimum, aforementioned standards. Otherwise people life would be ruined. I can not support by any way or means if there are serious shortcomings by either of these two. Otherwise, 110% unflinching support not sure what is worth of.



Patron Council Meeting Minutes

05 June 2008



Gauri, Pranabandhu, Srutidharma, Nila Madhava, Syamasundara, Rameswara, Harivamsa, Vinay, Kamlesh, Vinod Krsna, KC, Sanjay Gadhvi, Hitu, Dr Sanjiv, Dilip prabhus


1. New Gokul


  • a. Gopal Rajas - increased from 59 to 73. Quota for increase was 38.

    b. Discussion to take place regarding the financial maintenance and upkeep of New Gokul

    c. Quotas for forthcoming period: NMD - 1, PBD/SDD - 5, Rameswara - 3, Vinay - 1, Kamlesh - 1, Vinod Krsna - 1, KC - 2, Sanjay - 1, Syamasundara - 1, Hitu - 1, Sanjiv - 0, Dilip - 1, Gauri Pr - 2, Harivamsa - 1.

    d. ISKCON Goshalla Ltd is beinf formed. 99% owned by ISKCON, 1% in trust for ISKCON. Syamasundara Pr to meet with accountants and Rameswara and discuss implications/practicalities.

    e. Substantial donors should receive a special exclusive gift

    f. Bhumi Puja - keynote speech from UK Chief Inspector of Schools - Mrs Gilbert, Navin Krsna - i-foundation, Naina Parmar - headmaster, Peter Hamilton - governor. Mechanics of event are underway.



2. School update
- presented by Rameswara


3. Frank Ward's book


  • a. Sanjay Gadhvi, Radha Mohan, Nainesh and Hitu to meet Frank Ward and discuss marketing.

4. Finance Committee Meetings

  • a. Concern by Ashok raised that finance committee meetings are not happening according to his understanding of nature and frequency

    b. PBD -apologises for not providing sufficient notice prior to meetings

    c. PBD - Feels it is not necessary for all departments to be present at meetings. The major departments should meet, it is not necessary for smaller departments to be there. Smaller department heads should be called in as required.

    d. PBD observes that required members have been abroad on important business in previous sessions contributing to lower than expected attendance

    e. Finance committee should formulate a policy and present it to the PC for ratification

    f. Financial monitoring is nevertheless much better than in the past, with monthly scrutiny by Rameswara & Kamlesh, and monthly finance reports being produced by PBD and team for scrutiny.

    g. April finance and YTD figures presented to PC. Proper system being established so that gift aid claims can be made on cash donations.



5. Janmashtami new layout


  • a. Entrance to be moved to the Goshalla - between barns

    b. Main tent to be moved to the adjacent field

    c. Construction work will be continuing

    d. Generators will power the main tent etc so excessive load is not placed on the Manor's main supply.

    e. Vegetarianism and climate change are big themes at the moment and should be incorporated in Janmashtami presentations



6. Warehouse


  • a. Keys to be obtained on 16th June

    b. Running costs, charity rates to be assessed

    c. Mezzanine floor required

    • i. List of offices to move

ii. Barn storage includes Janmashtami & theatre storage which will need to be housed

iii. Senior Management to identify which areas can move

iv. Evaluation of when Central can move

v. On 16th - senior managers and temple devotees to conduct puja ceremony.

vi. 8pm Wed 25th June Dhirubhai and Pritesh to be invited to the warehouse to assess construction possibilities




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Now we also understand why they were so much in a fever of excitement to write a new constitution. Prabhupada's original constitution doesn't allow privatisation. Till today London's Hindus believed that the Bhaktivedanta Manor is part of an united global Vaishnava movement, a movement that is above I and mine but soley engaged to uplift humanity to understand our relationship with God, Lord Sri Krsna. When people find out that Prabhupada's successors our indulging in privatisation and fighting about properties people will graudually start trying to get to the bottom if this has anything to do with genuine spirituality or pound, shilling and pence? After all, millions of people are aware that George Harrison donated this place out of his deep love for Prabhupada. Why should it now become the private property of somebody else?

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Now we also understand why they were so much in a fever of excitement to write a new constitution. Prabhupada's original constitution doesn't allow privatisation. Till today London's Hindus believed that the Bhaktivedanta Manor is part of an united global Vaishnava movement, a movement that is above I and mine but soley engaged to uplift humanity to understand our relationship with God, Lord Sri Krsna. When people find out that Prabhupada's successors our indulging in privatisation and fighting about properties people will graudually start trying to get to the bottom if this has anything to do with genuine spirituality or pound, shilling and pence? After all, millions of people are aware that George Harrison donated this place out of his deep love for Prabhupada. Why should it now become the private property of somebody else?


Marverlous point sweetie pie

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Gauri das Offered Apologies to his Former Students





Aug 20, UK (SUN) —
On Sunday morning I met with Gauri das at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. I have to say that although I had some reservations, I was pleasantly surprised. Gauri das apologized for the pain and suffering he caused me when he was my teacher in Gurukula. He also apologized for taking so many years to acknowledge the distress I endured due to his actions and to offer a suitable apology.



My impression is that he was genuine; I am satisfied and feel much relieved. His apology has helped me greatly to let go and forgive him. Gauri das has offered letters of apology to all his former students who initially submitted their testimonies to the CPO, and some of them have expressed satisfaction and relief.



Personally I am pleased with the way things have turned out in the end. I am happy to put these distant events to rest and move on with my life.



Gauri das will be "downsizing", from the house he occupied as the Temple President, into a smaller apartment. He will continue to work in some capacity at the Ghosala that is being built at the Bhaktivedanta Manor.



I spoke with Gauri das yesterday and he further reassured me that he will not be appealing the judgment of the CPO. He wrote to me:

  • "The decision of the CPO and the restrictions they have placed upon me, I have accepted without any form of opposition. I am now in the process of conveying my heartfelt apologies and regret to my past students for my failings.

    I pray that in this life you may find a place in your heart to forgive me for my wrong doings".



There have been times during the course of the case when I was quite frustrated and wished that it could/should be easier to get a little accountability and a straightforward apology. In hindsight, I see that the way things worked out benefited those involved on many levels.



Now give the guy a break and stop this lynch mob mentality



it really exposes how spiritually immature some so called devotees are, its almost if they want Gauri to suffere
'eternal damnation'



If such self righteous devotees think this way, then maybe they should become Chtistians because they believe in
'eternal damnation'.



We are devotees and KNOW Karma is temporary



<!-- end .psot-top --><!-- the main section of the post goes here -->

By Bhakta Rod
Once, near the peaceful village of Vrndavana, the transcendental place where Krsna manifested His pastimes on earth, there lived a scholarly brahmana and servant of Krsna. Opposite his home, there lived a prostitute.




<!-- end .post-middle --><!-- the bottom of the post, the background graphic gets applied here -->


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I have to say that although I had some reservations, I was pleasantly surprised.

<!-- end .post-middle --><!-- the bottom of the post, the background graphic gets applied here -->



Guess for such kind of topic the internet is out of place. Not that this apology can be written by anyone even Gauri das himself, but when an apology is coming so belated nobody would say, I was pleasantly surprised.

When arranging such kind of report authentic I would have posted some photographs.

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