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Attn: deepa.bhandari ji, USR JI and All others Please Help with Mothers Issue

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This is in regards to my mother I will provide some information and would really appreciate any comments.


Date of Birth : May 8th 1958, Jammu India, Female


Time of Birth: 10:47 AM


My mom has gone through a lot of problems over the past 15 years.

Mainly in terms of health, by haelth I mean she thinks everything is dirty (vamiy)I dont know if thats the correct defentition. She stresses a lot always thinking of something has trouble sleeping. So much stress that her eyes are all dark all around. Her Carreer never took off and now is still in depression. Family wise her relationship with her inlaws has been bad since the begining and is getting bad with her own family.


She has also been away from my DAD whos in India for the past 6 years but thats to ensure me and my brothers stability. Is there any chance she will be able to be back with him anytime soon due to respoinsibilties.


Also is there anything that you all can advice in terms of the problems with her depression and stress.


If any other information in required please let me know.


Thank you

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Dear omboy,


Your mothers chart has debilitated mercury, deb, venus, deb. moon, deb. saturn in her navamsa chart - which have taken the toll on her life. In the rasi chart, no sleeping problems are indicated. Will she believe in the strength of Mantra? Since you mentioned she is vahemi - may be she wouldnt?


Make her wear an original pearl in silver on monday. Its crucial for positive thinking.


Best Wishes


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She will beleive in Mantra I can recommend that to her. But is there any relief on the way or is this a permanent aspect of her life? And in regards to moving back to India with my father is that a possibility anytime soon.

Also she already wears a silver pearl around her neck so do I.


Thank You

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Dear Omboy,


You mother will get peace of mind by being utmost religious and charitable. I wouldn't say go to Saibaba's sharan (because I just dont like imposing personal religion and faith) - yet, if you ask me, I have seen lives transforming.


Astrologically, you may like to convert her locket into a ring :)


Best Wishes


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