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Please someone help me

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Respected all astrologers,


I just joined this site. I would like to know about my chart.

Date of birth - 18 October 1989

Time of birth - 08:01 PM

Place of birth - New Delhi, India

Gender - Male

Name - Viney Bansal


I used some softwares and found out that my Surya is deblitated because it is in tula rashi. But after some research i found out about neech bhanga yog. I have it for surya as my venus is in a kendra. i would like to know about my future career, also if there is any remedy for deblitated surya or any mantra. tell me something else that i should know about or should do.


thanks in advance. Please reply back:pray:



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Perform suraya namaskaram daily after your bath.


thanks for replying back..


All respected astrologers on this site..

can someone tell me more about the neechabhanga yog in my kundli. Does it really cancel the deblitation or not?

If someone know a surya mantra for neecha surya.. it will be really appreciated.


My biodata is on the previous post.


thanks in advance.


Viney Bansal

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wear 7 carats green tourmaline or emerald in little finger in gold

7carats ruby in gold in ring finger

ur under rahu mahadahsa = One of the best remedies for rahu is reciting the first chapter of Durga Saptasati

visit chotanikare amma temple 20kms from cochin

kalahasti temple near tirupati.

SUN: visit sun emple at Arasavalli is located at Srikakulam near Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh OR SUN - KONARK TEMPLE ORISSA

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Om Suryaya namah


Dear Vineybansal,


The Sun being GK debilitated, i think it's not bad and in dasamsa Mercury and Saturn giveing a bad yoga, which you have to careful about. Here Mercury is in conjunction with Sun, so sun is in no problem of giving the results of mercury, which is unfortunate,since there is a parivartana between mars and saturn it will greatly reduce the unfortune, praying to Phalana Devata may help to overcome the struggle, the lord saturn gives here the deity, the Khali.


by praying to Khali, ruled by Saturn he will look after the financial trouble of yourself.




In your dasamsa rahu, ketu, jupiter, saturn and mars are strong, here it show a service man (eventhough jupiter is in parivartana with ketu, jupiter is 8th lord), some analytical computer based and it can show researcher also, debilitated sun in 6th house as GK reduces the struggle from enemies. If the native tries in business computer based business may give him more money


concluding this chart is some what good chart, the daridra yoga given by mercury and saturn is some what cancelled by parivartana between saturn and mars. This Parivartana causes Viparitha raja yoga.


best wishes

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