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  1. The voodoo doll does not seem very auspicious so I suggest you get rid of it as soon as possible. For your other troubles, I suggest having your horoscope checked out by a qualified priest in your area. If you go to a hindu temple in your area I am sure you can find someone that does. There are even some people on this site that can help. If all else fails, take to the chanting and worship of God's holy name. Krishna says that for those who worship Him. He preserves what they have and carries what they lack. Also for temporary relief start chanting Sri Ganeshaya Namah 108 times daily, the more rounds the better. Also learn Ganesh Gayatri mantra: Om ekadantaye vidmahe Vakratundaya Dimhae Tanno Danti Prachodayat.
  2. You are being blessed. I know several elder ladies who have mata shakti. You should find an elder woman who has dealth with this shakti and take guidance. If you perfect your meditation on mata, you will thrive in perfection. SO seriously, go speak to people and be happy you are attaining the mercy of the divine. Jai Sri Krishna!
  3. Perform suraya namaskaram daily after your bath.
  4. It is not that difficult. In India you will find many qualified priests that can perform havans and pujas in your home. By bringing the presence of God into your home nothing inauspicious can enter. I recommend to constantly have krishna's name and bhajans playing in your home. Regular chanting of hanuman chalisa,nrsimha dev kavacham, etc should go on. Invest in a cd player of some type and have something playing non stop. Have your family wear blessed tulsi neck beads and also begin the worship of tulsi devi in your home. Invite the priests let them do their work and donate in charity. Problem should be solved. Jai Sri Krishna.
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