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Are Hare Krishna's allowed to travel?

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Do devotees in ISKCON live restricted lives? I'm Hindu and I'm very interested in ISKCON, and I'm planning on attending the regular Sunday feasts at the local ISKCON temple, but I've always wanted to travel the world and see new places and people, but i'm afraid that if you are a pure devotee that that won't be considered acceptable because i'm only thinking of myself here. So that is my question, can I be a Hare Krishna and still travel the world, enjoying all that I see? :confused:

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I don't see any reason why you shouldn't travel. Many of the devotees I know do so MUCH traveling! And it seems to add to their devotion and depth of spiritual understanding.

Experiencing the world and different environments opens your mind, and brings you outside of your *own* life to see the bigger picture, to see that there is much more than what you see in your daily life...That there is much more beyond your routine...And that we are all in harmony together in this world, and in this universe. In my opinion, it opens your mind and perception to reality as well as spirituality.

The world, its natural beauty and wonders, its many different scenes, climates and people, all are proof of the divine....There are "shrines" all over this earth if you look for them. Waterfalls, rivers, flowers, mountains...Signals that the Lord exists.

You can find proof of the lord everywhere though - Even in a busy marketplace! The lord exists in everything...If you look hard enough. Traveling might even show you this to be true!

When you can experience all the different aspects of this world, take them in, celebrate and enjoy them while also keeping the Lord in your heart, and seeking Him out no matter where you are - You're doing it in devotion. There's no reason why it would be considered a selfish act. In my opinion, it's an act of prayer in itself to honour and appreciate the world as a beautiful creation of the Lord! :)

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