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  1. I'm so glad I read this, what a wonderful reminder - Thank You for helping me to put things into perspective!! As a new devotee, this takes constant training...Well I guess we all are constantly "training", some need more than others I was having trouble with this as my family are non-devotees and I live with very hostile people, one of whom abuses alcohol and drugs and is a very mean person. Sometimes this makes the concept of Paramatma a little tough to grasp at times..... But the other day, I gazed at this person(the alcoholic/addict) trying to find the Krsna there within them...The person was having a tough day as they didn't have enough money for alcohol. I saw them let out a sigh, looking quite exhausted, and I thought about how the Paramatma within them is fighting to get out - Even in a sigh of exhaustion, it was palpable...At that moment the normally hostile, angry person who is normally very loud and proud was, in a way, seeing the impermanence of body and the pleasures of the senses...Frustrated in withdrawal, that person was forced to yield to the truth that is the impermanence of this body and its senses...Thereby dropping their ego for a moment. Though they weren't in prayer or anything...Though that person was frustrated...It was a sort of submission....I looked at that person for the first time ever for their Paramatma, and respected them despite their usual cruel behaviour towards me...Because underneath it all, they are a spiritsoul just trying to get back home - A morsel of Krsna, trapped on Earth....But their physical body and mind are polluted and thus, currently unable to assist them as a vehicle. I felt a love for this person, for the first time in a long time, and tried for the rest of the day to make that person smile...Haha...And I succeeded! It helped that the person was sober. But it helped keep me from being blinded by the effects of drugs on this person - The effect of alcohol and drugs were merely a facade, keeping me from seeing the Truth of Krsna in them as well. In doing everything we can to keep Krsna in our thoughts at all times, and pulling ourselves back towards thoughts of him when they stray, understanding this concept is so very crucial - The importance of seeing Paramatma in all ensures that our view isn't skewed by a differential outlook which is the main boundary, the main thing that stops us from thinking about Krsna to begin with. And seeing Krsna in everything means you don't "try" to remember Him, it enables one to be in the state of seeing the Truth constantly...Because in this state one can see that is He IS everything and everything IS Him...Understanding the concept of Paramatma residing in all, is so essential for attaining and maintaining a true state of Krsna-consciousness.....I need to hold strong to this, as we all should. Again, thank you for the reminder. The more we understand this, the more we will see the world for its Truth, and it's very important to remember HARE KRSNA
  2. Hare Krsna Channah! I'm so happy you've decided to further your "interest" in Krsna - As theist said quite correctly, it truly is the nature of the spiritsoul to be drawn to Krsna!!! Haribol!!!! I'm so glad you've begun to take these precious first steps in your journey back to Godhead! Krsna bless you in your endeavours!!!!! He knows, feels, sees and hears everything you do - So remember that anything offered to him with a pure heart is accepted by Him(as he tells Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita). About chanting on your mala beads - One is definitely not nothing my dear! Consistency is key, and keeping your COMMITMENT is the most important part. There is no competition here - You commit to as many as you know you can commit to, and build when you know you're ready for it. Of course you can always do more when you've got more time, but you should always be sure to do your base "commitment number" of rounds each day without fail - It is your promise to Krsna, and therefore should be held in the highest of priority. So be sure to set a realistic target-number for yourself, and try to do them at the same time every day. But above all, just make sure you CHANT! It is your strongest connection to the Lord, and I assure you as I've seen it time and time again, from chanting will blossom miracles in your life. Embrace Him! Chant His name as much as you possibly can...I can tell you're already feeling the elated feeling of bliss from chanting...It's incredible isn't it?! :) You'll soon find yourself soon to be in a state where you want to chant His name as much as you can, at every spare moment, just beacause you feel absolute bliss from hearing it..... Your state of consciousness is important - Which is why it's so important to surround yourself with reminders of the Lord, and be around devotees as well. Association is key, as this ocean of maya tends to make us complacent and lax about our commitments, pushing them to the side while we race to contend with "everyday life". Being in a state of Krsna consciousness requires constant training of the consciousness, and constant awareness of what affects it, ie: Who we're around, what we eat, how we eat, how we live, what we choose to listen to, see and hear...All these things affect your consciousness and karma...And it's important that you are vigilant about protecting yourself from dangerous lifestyle-intrusions - By associating yourself with devotees, attending temple regularly, offering your food, listening to bhajans and of course CHANTING, these things keep the Lord not only in your mind but keep Him constantly involved in your lifestyle, and Krsna-worship thereby becomes a way of life. But as far as association, I would have to say(and I'm sure most will agree) that the most important person to associate yourself with would have to be Srila Prabhupada!!! Associate yourself with his books - Read, read, READ them! These are your most important assets. Association with devotees is important, but you can't trust 100% of what everybody says, especially if you're brand-new to everything and don't quite know people at temple yet. What I'm saying is, don't let just anybody be your guide. Take everything in but let Prabhupada be your Guide. I'm just a devotee, and so is everybody else here. But Prabhupada is your truest Guide. He teaches us that half-knowledge/miseducation is dangerous, and that we should seek out the truth - The truth is in his books. Devotees who are true and pure of heart will help you build on/appreciate what you learn. But Prabhupada will give you your foundation, and his writings are a devotee's closest and dearest friend After the Bhagavad Gita, may I suggest reading "The Science of Self-Realization". I would consider this to be the best follow-up for a new devotee - It was the first book I read by Prabhupada as well If you've ever got any questions or just want to discuss your development of Krsna-prema(love for Krsna) and need to voice your enthusiasm, I'm always here!! Remember that joyful expression of your love for the Lord is something you should never hide I'm a huge advocate of this. As devotees, we are the greatest help to one another by expressing our love for Krsna together! All the luck in the world to you, my friend, may Radharani bless your footsteps in your journey back towards Godhead! Jai Radhe Shyam! ~Sangita Sanjali
  3. Govinda, Govinda, Gopala!!!!!!!!!!! Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare!!!!!!! I chant just to hear it, just to feel Him dance on my breath, to hear the mantra resounding the tiny space on his Earth which I occupy. He never disappears, and conjured in my chant, I am reminded of the eternal truth - He is here, there, beyond, between and within!
  4. Awww nobody's responded yet..That's okay! I'm compelled to share some praises...... Krishna, the essence, the simple essence...There is no pomp and no lies in his truth! Simple is the truth. Simplicity in renunciation, simplicity in embracing his love....Simple is the truth. And in recognizing him as Real, the ultimate embodiment of what is True.....All illusions fall away! Jai Sri Krishna! As his gaze enters mine, he pulls out the essence from me and brings me to see it - To see the truth in me, and thus, see it in everything else....To see that happiness and bliss is not complicated, but simple, because it has always resided there...To see that he has always resided within and everywhere and in every single thing. He reaches, ever so mercifully, he reaches towards me to lead me, as he is my soul's compass. He tells me continually, that it doesn't have to be complicated. That living and loving is simple....Worship is my gratitude. Grateful I am, Sri Krishna, the love in everything, the good in every single thing. Grateful I am, for Lord Krishna, happiness and light and love is possible, wherever you are....And you are everywhere. This is the simple truth. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Krishna, my joy, I have no needs when my every action is seeking you out - My every step an act in journey towards you. Now seeing maya for what it is, I see that you are simple truth! I feel the truth in you. Simple, my duty is to seek out truth...To seek out you. This is the simple and ultimate truth.
  5. By the way, I just had to say READ the Gita!! Read it over and over. It will clear any questions you may have in this matter and any matter in life! It applies to everything and outlines all the ways one can be closer to the Lord. Jai Radhe Shyam!
  6. Hmmm...Good advice! I'm in a similar situation, but I wonder, wouldn't it go against the teachings of Krsna? I mean when someone partakes in prasadam, shouldn't they do it knowingly in accepting the endless power of the Lord? Eating in worship of the lord only happens when they "offer", and without the act of "offering" with knowledge of it, wouldn't that defeat the purpose? For me it's my parents who disapprove and I feel like it might be wrong to give them prasadam without their knowledge. Please let me know what you think!!
  7. Haribol! I thought it appropriate to start a thread where we can all freely express our love for Krsna! So, to get us started, I ask these questions: How does Krishna Make You Feel? How does Lord Krishna enrich your life? What do you feel in your heart and soul when you think about the Lord? What are you favourite Krishna stories and why? These are all just starters, add whatever you feel like adding...I just want to start a non-structured mode of expression!! I often find myself just wanting to tell someone how enraptured I am by Krsna, enthralled by his divine eyes and adoring his words and wisdom...Just wanting to share that love, and knowing full-well that in normal circumstances it may be considered abrupt and a little out of place LoL...So for those that feel like I do....Go nuts! Let us all share in our love for the divine! No politics, no semantics - Just the expression of sincere LOVE for the Lord! JAI SRI KRISHNA, JAI SRI RADHE!!
  8. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't travel. Many of the devotees I know do so MUCH traveling! And it seems to add to their devotion and depth of spiritual understanding. Experiencing the world and different environments opens your mind, and brings you outside of your *own* life to see the bigger picture, to see that there is much more than what you see in your daily life...That there is much more beyond your routine...And that we are all in harmony together in this world, and in this universe. In my opinion, it opens your mind and perception to reality as well as spirituality. The world, its natural beauty and wonders, its many different scenes, climates and people, all are proof of the divine....There are "shrines" all over this earth if you look for them. Waterfalls, rivers, flowers, mountains...Signals that the Lord exists. You can find proof of the lord everywhere though - Even in a busy marketplace! The lord exists in everything...If you look hard enough. Traveling might even show you this to be true! When you can experience all the different aspects of this world, take them in, celebrate and enjoy them while also keeping the Lord in your heart, and seeking Him out no matter where you are - You're doing it in devotion. There's no reason why it would be considered a selfish act. In my opinion, it's an act of prayer in itself to honour and appreciate the world as a beautiful creation of the Lord!
  9. HARIBOL! This is in response to the other thread I had started...Sorry for the slow reply guys! My computer actually completely broke-down and I had til I had enough money to get it serviced It was a nice though, and quite refreshing to take a "computer-break" and a break from the tech-world completely...Sometimes I do it intentionally and always end-up much more tuned-in and embracing much more of the world around me.. Anyways!! About my first visit! Yes, I diiiid go and yes it WAS fantastic!!! I made some amazing friends and upon walking in, my favourite bhajan was being sung - jaya radha-madhava kunja-bihari! ohhh how thrilled was i to walk in and hear that...i immediately began singing and clapping and SMiLiNG uncontrollably. I didn't feel at all out of place, I felt like I was coming HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended-up going to the Swaminarayan temple too, many times, before my first ISKCON visit, where they have an altar for radha-krishna, as well as other deities. But it was something else to really indulge in my love for Krishna with Krishna-devotees, and just take it all in...It was more than wonderful. It was just so uplifting. I've attended the Sunday program a few times now and shared in taking prasadam with all the amazing people there and I've learned so much...Next week is our Ratha-Yatra and I'm going to be attending both days....It's going to be so great! This whole experience has redefined life for me....Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has changed. My whole perception has changed. Nothing seems hopeless anymore.........There are no "dead ends" and no limitations that I can see. I see hope, endless hope. And every single day is filled with so much more meaning, now that I am fully embracing my love for the divine. Every day used to be so much of a struggle and a battle against myself...And now each day is like a beautiful divine gift from the Lord. Living for the Lord....Is truly living. I just feel so blessed.........Thank you all for your guidance and your kind words :) JAI SRI KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Jai Sri Krishna Sanskruti, I would say conversion is something you should do if you should ever feel the need to solidify your commitment to an institution, but I definitely don't think it's necessary. I think it's something you should decide after more learning and more prayer....Keep enriching your soul....It will become clear to you what you should do. Let your soul and intuition be your guide. Let what you learn from hinduism direct you(that's what I'm currently in the process of doing myself!) As for the quoted text...I'm a little confused by it. What does being "allies with people who think you are going to hell" have to do with a need for conversion? And aren't we taught to be kind, understanding and empathetic to everyone, no matter what they believe? Aren't we taught to love ALL???? Isn't viewing non-hindus as enemies a mindset that would impede "spreading" hinduism? For, if we rejected all who didn't share our beliefs, we are perpetuating an "eye for an eye" mentality. Spirituality is not a war and religion is not a club to which we should aspire to garner officiality of some kind...And in my opinion, it should never be tangled-up with politics! It is sacred. It is a quest for truth and an endeavour fueled by LOVE. Love...Which is what ties us all eternally to the divine. When we choose Love, we choose God. God doesn't care what name you go by, he knows who you are. I don't think the Divine cares about the technicalities! All He wants is for you to earnestly, sincerely seek him out...And when you find your way, you'll know in your heart that it's right. Exercise your soul's intuition....And never forget, to choose love. Hare Krishna!
  11. Jai Sri Krishna! My truest, humblest thanks to you both! I will most definitely let you know how it goes You have no idea how much it means to me to have support + guidance like this! I feel so very strongly that this is an important time for me spiritually, and simply having a little direction has given me courage to go and seek out what my soul longs for...For this I'm so thankful, many blessings to you!!! Hare Krishna!!!!! ~Blooming Lotus
  12. Jai Sri Krishna Thank you so very much for all the helpful information!! I'm so glad somebody else knows what it's like to come from a non-hindu background, but feeling so connected to hindu deities...It really has been a long time coming for me. I've been inside a mandir only once before...And it was after hours and they let me in to take a peek lol...So I'm really going in there without a clue! I know that the ISKCON temple here has a schedule for when they do aartis, so I'm gonna call the temple to find out. There's a BAPS Sri Swaminarayan mandir VERY close to my place, but I have no idea what the beliefs are...I wouldn't mind visiting though. It's absolutely beautiful and there's a museum inside. Oh and also...As I understand it, you're supposed to have your legs and shoulders covered, correct? Again thank you for your help!!!!!! ~Blooming Lotus
  13. Maybe Krishna liked the way dark skin looked on him...Black IS beautiful :)Mayyybe Krishna wanted people to be prejudiced towards him so he could have an even greater laugh when they witnessed his greatness and blew their minds...hehehe...Or maybe he didn't care at all. I'm going to assume it's the latter. I don't think it really matters what colour his skin was...Species didn't matter...Whether turtle, fish, king, or dwarf...The essence of his greatness is unfettered. Hare Krishna
  14. I can totally relate to how you feel! I don't have the most vast knowledge about Lord Krishna or anything...I am from a Muslim family!!!!!! You can just imagine just how weird that might be. Even stranger is that my mom sort of converges her muslim beliefs with beliefs in Krishna...Though she doesn't really talk about it a lot. It's "taboo" but my entire family, even my grandfather had beliefs in deities. But I am most definitely pulled into the all-attractive qualities of the golden one. Since I was a child, it was always his eyes that drew me. No matter what picture it was...Krishna's eyes...They would have me locked-into his gaze, and I would stand there, staring, until my mom pulled me out of the puja shop. His celestial ominance, strength and incredible mercy....His playfulness....His life......His words...His ways....He is what exists in all of us, in everything....What makes us whole, what brings us back to "the essence". That said, I know I'm not using any technical terms, so I hope I don't offend or put anybody off. I'm just trying to put into words what draws me to Lord Krishna. Blessings to you...And I hope you do continue to follow your soul's intuition, it will never steer you wrong Hare Krishna
  15. Jai Sri Krishna everyone... I come from a Muslim-Indian family but I have been drawn to Krishna since I was a little child. My mother always found it strange but never restricted me from learning about Krishna, reading the Gita, or from chanting either...I guess she appreciated that I was taking an interest in our culture. I even took-up playing bansuri when I was little because I wanted to be just like Krishna haha.... I sometimes told her how I became locked in his gaze and couldn't look away once I looked into his eyes...She found it a little peculiar, but has somewhat quasi-beliefs in deities as well...It's complicated. I've always felt a deep connection and devotion to Krishna, but I always had to be a little bit careful to maintain some subtlety when it came to my family so as to not outright offend them in any way...We are descendants of hindus, and were converted to Islam a few generations back. But luckily, being Indian I always had ways to go seek-out information about the golden one. But it's because I had to sort of be secretive about it that I've had to keep Krishna at arms length, and never fully divulge myself into learning, chanting and worshipping the way I would like to. I have NEVER been to an ISKCON mandir...But I now live away from home and would just LOVE to go.... The one small problem is that I'd be by myself and I don't know what to expect:( I have heard about how welcoming the devotees are...But have no clue what to expect when I go down there. Any help would be so appreciated...I've waited so very long to truly express my devotion openly to Krishna, and I just cannot wait......My heart is absolutely bursting with love for Krishna, and my love keeps growing with each passing day! Much love and blessings to all of you, Hare Krishna!
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