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Sani dasa - Sukra Bhukti

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Right now, I am having Sani Dasa and Sukra Bhukti.

How is it for me???

Astrological Details




Name: Sunder Rangarajan

Date of Birth: 06/September/1968, Friday

Time of Birth: 3.40 A.M

Place of Birth: Chennai,India.

Latitude: 13.5 N , Longitude: 80.18 E

Local Mean Time: 03:31:12

Lagna: Cancer

Lagna Lord: Moon

Sun Sign: Virgo

Sun Sign Lord: Mercury

Moon Sign: Aquarius

Moon Sign Lord: Saturn

Nakshatra: Satabisha

Nakshatra Lord: Rahu

Current Dasa: Saturn


Jupiter,Sun : Leo

Venus,Mercury,Ketu : Virgo

Rahu : Pisces

Saturn : Aries (Vakra and Vargottamma)

Mars : Cancer


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This is one of the best charts that could serve as an example for learners!


At the outset, one sees 3 planets in debility and lagnesh in the 8th , and it completely amazes one to tide deeper and look at the hidden folds..you uncover them and find each planet masked.. with a completely different intent than what most minds would conjecture


Moon looks good now because it saves you from a Kaal Sarp Yog. It lords half the nakshatra rulers .. well and so does rahu.


Venus debility get cancelled which ensures you are good at mathematics


Saturn debility is a farce because its vargottam and improves considerably with shadbala. It gives servantile career though.


The same saturn saves significance of the 7th house it lords - with its 10th aspect - however i believe the lady is still unmarried - ultimately out of free will


We come to that deb. Mars which - bcos of placement in lagna in D1 and subsequent parivartana with Saturn in Navamsa and also lagna lordship therein, comes to the biggest ashtakvarga of 7!


And well, guess who is the culprit??? The one we see as the only saviour in D1 - Mercury!!!! No well, it does endow all writing skills n comm. skills, but shadbala...lowest??


The same moon in 8th ... i have counted 3 good yogas formed by it already.

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