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govt trouble

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respected learned ones,

please help me.

i have been implicated in a false case and undergoing mental torture and financial crunch. though the investigators and jurists say that i am innocent,still no end to my troubles.

my date of birth:01/02-03-54, time=00.20,place=mayuram,tanjore dt tamilnadu,uttarada nakshatra,makara rasi.

kindly help me please

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pranam USRji,

the trouble relates to processing of tender. i am in govt service.

i had nothing to do with the final decision expcept for publishing the tender notice and issuing final work order.

graduation may 1974, marriage 11/09/83,birth of child 21/03/1987.

change of service 10/85.

death of father 10/84.

i want to know whether i will be exonerated?

whether my financial difficulties will be over?

whether i will get relief from mental tension(due to fear of midnight knock)?



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dear shri.umbaba


many say lagna lord will not do any harm.


see in your case , exatcly in its antar dasa period you have

signed the document. if one applies rule superficially, one gets

away from the truth.


mars , the lagna lord is in a fully tamasic sign and placed

between rahu and saturn causing bhandana to the lagna

and lagna lord.


the case will not end atleast before july of 2009. this

is my observation. i wish i am wrong.


pl propiate lord sani.


on a saturday, between 0941 and 1041 do abisheka to shiva

using bilva leaves, milk, ghee, curd and sudha jala.

also use lot of bhasma ( viboothi ) for abisheka of the lord.


then garland him with a beautiful maala or garland.



these are pariharas to make saturn sthambana.


may mother bless all





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Sri Umbaba,

All these events took place during Jupitor Dasa-Rahu antardasa .They are in 6-8 relation.The testing period ends by June 2008.Shani Mahadasa starts by July 2008 for a period of 19 years.A retrograde Saturn is exalted and is in 12th.Its aspect on 2nd,6th and 9th is good.10th lord Sun is in the house of Saturn in the 4th house .

The above indicates you will be exonerated and reinstated in service before December 2008 with all the benefits.

But You have to regularly pray Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) and do puja to Shani on every saturday.

wish you a happy life


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dear sir,

now the action is with central agency. it started in feb2006. then it subsided. but due to internal bickering in the dept this has speeded up in jan 2008.idont know when it will end.

only great mother can help.



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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




Dear shri umbaba,


Great !.. we are all glad that you have been relieved.

Can you please say a few words about the relief ?

like how it started and ended. Ofcourse, only if you are



Please recall the " july 2009 " time period mentioned earlier .


Thanks for informing,, That is the greatest part in getting

guidance.. Your help keeps us educating..


May mother bless all



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