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How to free oneself from subtle body habitation

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Can someone give some advice on how to free oneself from subtle body habitation. It appears ive been used as a host organism to sustain a subtle body which has been feeding off my energy for over maybe 5-6 yrs. I had assumed initially that this was my mind as it also chanted the Hare Krsna mantra. It could carry me away and make me chant for hours non stop. So i never considered it to be something evil. However recently ive become suspicious that this could be a subtle body and not my mind as it seems to be developing a personality of its own. Well the first think its told me is to take grains on ekadasi, secondely it has a tendency to keep me awake in the late hours of the night pass midnight. Whats made things worse i believe is the habit ive developed of wearing a hat on my head over the last 3 yrs even when i go to bed. If i remove my hat i feel like my physical bodies loosing energy as my nose gets blocked. Ive also noticed that if i sit in direct sunlight and remove my hat my body starts to tremble then settle down. I also start to feel lonely which is really strange even though ive been living on my own for 10 yrs. Iam certain its a subtle body because its distanced me completely from the temple, made me even quit my job and isolated me from society.


What should i do?


Thank you

:ponder: Chaven

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