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  1. Goodday Can someone give some advice on how to free oneself from subtle body habitation. It appears ive been used as a host organism to sustain a subtle body which has been feeding off my energy for over maybe 5-6 yrs. I had assumed initially that this was my mind as it also chanted the Hare Krsna mantra. It could carry me away and make me chant for hours non stop. So i never considered it to be something evil. However recently ive become suspicious that this could be a subtle body and not my mind as it seems to be developing a personality of its own. Well the first think its told me is to take grains on ekadasi, secondely it has a tendency to keep me awake in the late hours of the night pass midnight. Whats made things worse i believe is the habit ive developed of wearing a hat on my head over the last 3 yrs even when i go to bed. If i remove my hat i feel like my physical bodies loosing energy as my nose gets blocked. Ive also noticed that if i sit in direct sunlight and remove my hat my body starts to tremble then settle down. I also start to feel lonely which is really strange even though ive been living on my own for 10 yrs. Iam certain its a subtle body because its distanced me completely from the temple, made me even quit my job and isolated me from society. What should i do? Thank you Chaven
  2. Good day I regularly observe ekadasi fasts based on the vaisnava calender. Iam fairly sensitive to subtle energy and have noticed over the years that grain foods also release subtle energy in your body after consumption. I believe its used to grow your subtle body. As the planets mars and jupiter interact with these energies as they rise and set each day,ive realised that as you get older sometimes this energy gets carried across into the next day especially if you take grain foods after noon. The current position of jupiter between Capricorn and Saggitarius may be unfavorable near ekadasis as jupiter is setting before noon. The last time it was here was in 1996. My concern is that if you ate grains the day before, the subtle energy will be carried into the ekadasi day based on the current astronomical configuration. So even if you fasted the whole ekadasi, your observance will be broken. It would in this case be safer to also eat non grain the day before the ekadasi if you older or much earlier depending on ones fire of digestion. Any similar observations by others out there? Thanks :ponder:Chaven
  3. I have met many people in my life and have still to find one person who is truthful.All ive come across are liars and cheaters.If a person can be truthful to himself God dwells in his heart.It doesnt matter to him what people call him sudra, brahmana etc.
  4. Good day Ive been without a job for just over a year now, and am wondering what could be going wrong. Its difficult not only on me but for my parents as they need me to support them. Although times are hard ive managed to keep myself together as i know iam not this body or the mind but some observer within. Convincing others is the difficult part. Could some one give reliable astrological information. Date of Birth: 23-Mar-1972 Location: Durban South Africa Time: Not certain Thank You God Bless Chaven
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