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USR ji, Please!

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Most respected sir,


I bow to you. You are doing yeoman's service to mankind. Spending hours on affectionately tidying sufferings of so many.


I was totally unaware it was a controversy between the two of you. I would not have replied.


You soft and gentle words are a healing touch in their own way. Kindly continue with your good karmas. People who have a heart and can be so sensitive to the miseries of others, by their very virtue become easily hurt. Yet, the world here at audarya needs you. Sufferers looking for an answer, newer posts coming in each day, people with fingers crossed - just as all those who remain indebted to you for your valuable advise.


Lets all live and let live. If USR ji quits, I think so will many many more. KInd sir, pls stay.

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deepa bhandari,

Pl give me your e mail Id.I will give my e mail Id and will reply you.Any techniques or knowledge i have i will give you. I like your simpleness and good nature.As you say we do service but it is time consuming.Some times i read charts several times to understand the secret lying below.In some cases few days it used to take.Until i am satisfied i don't reply.I use all my experiance of 25-30 years study in astrology including other branches associated with prediction just to give some comfort to the member.It is hobby and passion not expecting returns.This all do including you.With Sasisekaran there is no dispute .It is only astrological difference.May be lack of astrological compatibility.I already forgot it.You also learn new things and techniques from others.If a person answers all it doesn't look good and replies look similar.

With best wishes,


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