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PLease advise....

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I wanted to know the future of my daughter. I understand that it is not advisable to get a baby's chart analyzed but I haven't done it till now. I know a little bit of astrology but not good enough as the esteemed members of this forum.

Can anyone answer the following queries:

1. her education and profession

2. Her marriage

3. Her health and general life..


Birth details:

DOB: November 21, 2007

Time of birth: 3:35 pm

Place of birth: Lawrenceville, georgia, USA

(83W59'17'', 33N57'22'')

Time zone: 5:00:00(west of GMT)


Thanks in advance

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be patient, appropriately analysing a chart takes at-least 15-30 minutes without interruption. This forum is not meant for handing over lolly-pops to the querriest through the very general principles of astrology. Each and every astrologer over here is very serious and responsible about the astro-analysis. It takes time.

Anyway, here goes my analysis of your daughter's chart as per my limited understanding of astrology:

Education and Profession: Chart denotes moderately good educational and professional accomplishments specifically in medical, legal and religion. The presence of Moon in the Lagna, being lord of 5th house is a very good combination. The dasas of planets, though, are not favorable and may cause problems. The Mahadasa of Mercury, under which she took birth, will remain effective till 30 Dec 2011. Mercury is ill placed in 8th house and has exchanged house relationship with Venus, which is a highly malefic planet for the nativity. Being natural significator of education, the weakness of Mercury is capable of producing problems in educational matters due to health problems. The next mahadasa will be of Ketu (30 Dec 2011 to 30 Dec 2018) which is also ill placed in 6th house and conjunct with malefic Saturn. But, in my opinion, this period is not likely to pose problems in educational matters and she may excel in her education if she adopts the favorable arenas i.e. legal, medical and religion. Overall, educational and professional matters are likely to remain good despite some odds.


Her health and general life: The aspect of Venus over the Moon; conjunction of Jup and Sun, though in 9th house reducing the malefic impact to some extent; conjunction of Ketu and Saturn in sixth house; and exchange of Venus and Mercury. All these placements and combinations denotes regular and frequent troubles in health and general life. Moreso, when she is going under mahadasa of ill placed Mercury followed by Ketu and then by Venus. All these three planets are not favorable for health and general matters of life. You need to be very careful about her health and nature.

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