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when i will have new phase of life

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Hi all,

seek expert guidance on the status of my personal life:

1. i am undergoing massive legal cases on account of fraud marriage and i have been undergoing this perido for last 2 years.


my details are :

time of birth: 3:50pm

place: jammu



please advise when i can seek new life and resettlement possible if un store for me?

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the details as requested are:


gender: male

current location : delhi india


Lagna is Leo and Lagna Lord, the Sun, is ill-placed in 8th house along with debilitated Mercury and Moon. Not a good situation at all. Further, 7th lord Saturn is debilitated. And in addition to this,you are running under mahadasa of Ketu since 8 April 2004. Astrologically, I do not find any solace in recent future. But you can hope for some betterment with the aid of astrological remedies. I have sent the remedies through Personal Message.

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