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Bhakut, Vashya and Grah guna = 0 please HELP!!

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We went to an purohit and he had said that our Vashya, Grah and BHAKUT (most important) Guna is 0.

that means we should not go ahead with this marriage. Can Some please help me out. We both really like each other and want to get married, because of our Bhakut guna rashi one's life can lead to death. Please provide me with solution.


Vashya: Male Vashya is Vanchar the female vashya is Jalchar

Yoni: Male is Unndar and female is Nkool.

Grah Maitri: Male is Ravi rashi lord and female is Sani

BHAKUT: Male is Simha and female is Makar


Is there any pooja, fasting, donation, ring or anything we can do to gain points in this guna so the marriage can proceed.


Boy DOB Dec 17th 1981

Girl DOB Oct 30 1984

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!


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Im am really sorry, for not addressing the question properly

below are the information for the guy and girl, who are trying to get married but due to few gunas are equally to zero, the purohit suggested we should not proceed with the marriage. I was wondering if someone could provideus with soultion/ remedy for the guna stated in the subject line

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This report is a short edition of your and your partner's Partner Horoscope. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the Partner Horoscope which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a Ordering Information

Relationshop Horoscope

The profound analysis of your relationship, by Liz Greene.

EUR 49.95, US$ 58.95

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Partner Horoscope

The inexpensive partner horoscope by Robert Hand.

EUR 19.95, US$ 22.95

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downloadable E-Horoscope of about 20 - 30 pages. Ordering Information

Relationshop Horoscope

The profound analysis of your relationship, by Liz Greene.

EUR 49.95, US$ 58.95

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Partner Horoscope

The inexpensive partner horoscope by Robert Hand.

EUR 19.95, US$ 22.95

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In the short edition only a few but nevertheless important aspects of the composite chart are considered. The short version concentrates more on the positive aspects of this relationship.

Sun in the Seventh House

Sun in the seventh house of the composite chart is usually an excellent position for any kind of relationship in which two people are trying to work as a unit in an equal partnership.

In most cases, this is the best position of all for either marriage or a business partnership. It denotes a complementarity that makes the whole stronger than either of the parts.

One warning, however. The seventh is the house not only of partnerships and marriage, but also of open enmities and intimate conflict. With this placement, if your relationship is not going well, you may compete with each other in a way that is disruptive and produces antagonism between you.

Sun Conjunct Mars

Composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is a very energetic combination. This relationship will arouse strong energies within you, energies that can be used for getting a great deal of work done or for making changes within yourselves.

You will have many discussions - about your relationship or other subjects that will border on or actually be fights.

Do not suppress your legitimate angers and complaints because of a misplaced desire for peace and quiet. This relationship can grow through creative conflict. If you do suppress your anger or express it indirectly, the relationship could or turn into an endless stream of arguments.

Since Sun conjunct Mars is an indication of physical vitality, you should take part in vigorous physical activity together whenever possible.

In a business or professional relationship this aspect can be an indicator that you will accomplish much with dynamic vigor. But if the energy between you is very strong, it can indicate disputes, disagreements, as well as destructive ego competition.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Sun conjunct Jupiter is one of the most useful configurations in a composite horoscope. In fact, there will be growth, expansion, and luck in many areas of your lives together.

First, you will have a general sense of well-being, of comforting each other when you are together, even of nurturing and protecting.

Second, there is likely to be material prosperity. Even if you are not wealthy, you will feel that together you have enough.

Third, this aspect will have the effect of expanding your consciousness of yourselves and each other, and of increasing your understanding.

This aspect is a strong indication that whatever the basis of your relationship, it will be a good one, with fortunate consequences for you.

Sun Conjunct Uranus

This relationship will challenge the very core of your beings. All your ideas about yourselves and how you fit into other people's lives, as well as life in general, will be tested very severely. If you are strong and secure in yourselves, you both will learn a tremendous amount through this relationship.

Do not expect this relationship to follow any particular established patterns, for you will define for yourselves new behavior patterns that fit only the two of you. In a marriage you would both have to be very open. Any effort to force each other into an ordinary marital pattern will create such a feeling of frustration that you both will want to wander elsewhere.

Make as few demands as possible on the relationship, assume an open attitude, and allow yourselves to be changed and opened up by the experience.

Moon in the Seventh House

The composite Moon in the seventh house is a good indication that in this relationship shared feelings will be very important. The seventh is the house of intimate one-to-one encounters, both positive ones such as partnerships and marriage, and negative ones such as open enmities.

In general, the seventh-house Moon favors any intimate relationship in which sharing emotions is important. You will have a strong feeling that you belong together as a unit, and your emotional attitudes toward the outside world will be similar.

You are, however, likely to become too involved in your personal feelings and not be able to see what is really going on between you. Try to stay somewhat detached from difficult situations so that you can deal with them objectively. If you can do that, this should be a very good emotional relationship for both of you.

Moon Conjunct Mars

The conjunction of composite Moon and composite Mars indicates that you arouse very strong feelings in each other, but by itself it does not indicate whether they are good or bad feelings.

In a love relationship, for example, this aspect indicates that you will have a very strong emotional involvement. The relationship will probably stir up both positive and negative emotions in both of you.

If your relationship is basically good, you will simply experience a heightened emotional involvement, although with a greater tendency to quarrel. But if your relationship is not otherwise very sound, it will be destroyed by the fighting that this aspect produces.

One of the strong points of this aspect is that in a sexual relationship it creates a good deal of sexual energy.

Venus in the Eighth House

Composite Venus in the eighth house indicates emotional intensity concerning love.

In a love relationship, the expression of love will be quite intense, with a powerful quality that will transform both of you in some fundamental way. Your love will not be light and gay but something very serious that involves both of you at all levels of mind, body, and soul.

On quite a different level, the eighth house can also refer to joint finances and property. Venus promises material prosperity with this relationship.

Saturn Opposition Ascendant

The opposition of composite Saturn to Ascendant implies that the two of you are unable to relate as a team. You both feel there are great barriers between you that make it difficult to relate to each other.

It may be that external circumstances are making the relationship impossible. But it is also possible that the two of you simply do not have a basic affinity for each other.

In any case, with this aspect, you must examine your relationship very carefully to see if you really want it enough to overcome the obstacles it presents.

Technical details

The Composite horoscope is a symbolic chart, derived mathematically and never represented by a real planetary configuration on the sky. For all planetary pairs, for example both Suns in the natal charts of the partners, the Composite Sun is determined as the mid-point in between. Also the MC (Medium Coeli or cusp of the 10th house) is determined by this mid-point technique. So far all astrologers proceed the same way to get a Composite.

For finding the Ascendant and the other house cusps in a chart two different techniques are used. One school of thought, also adhered to by Liz Greene and other staff members at Astrodienst, computes the Ascendant and the other house cusps with the same mid-point technique. In the very rare case of an Ascendant falling into the west half of the chart, which is the wrong side, the Ascendant is corrected by 180 degrees, so that it comes to lie in the east half where is must naturally be.

The other wide spread school of thought uses a table of houses for the Ascendant. First a fictious birth time is derived from the mid-point MC, then for this time the Ascendant and other house cusps are read from the table. Because house table entries vary by geographical latitude, the latitude of a reference place is used here. The geographical longitude (east/west location) of the reference place is not taken into account, so that Naples, Italy and New York, NY result in the same Composite chart, because both cities are near 40 degrees northern latitude. The technique is called reference-place technique.

In his book 'Planets in Composite' Robert Hand describes both methods; we have decided to use the mid-point method with AstroText Partner, because the Relationship Horoscope by Liz Greene also uses this technique and many readers might be unnecessarily confused if we offered two kinds of partner horoscopes containing different Composite ascendants.

Mercury and Venus can sometimes have an unnatural position in the Composite Chart. In nature, Mercury is never more than 30 degrees from the Sun, Venus never more than 45 degrees. In the Composite, however, each of the two planets can also be in opposition to the Sun. In such cases, some Astrologers mirror the planet into the opposite sign. Robert Hand takes into consideration both possible positions. Our Astrodienst reports follow the method of Liz Greene, who does not do such a mirroring.

Astrological Data used for Short Report - Partnerfor Boy (male)

born on 17 Dec 1981 local time 9:45 am

in Mangalagiri, INDIA U.T. 04:15

80e33, 16n26 sid. time 15:20:02

PLANETARY POSITIONSplanet sign degree

Sun Sagittarius 25°08'18 in house 11

Moon Virgo 12°31'05 in house 7

Mercury Sagittarius 28°48'22 in house 11

Venus Aquarius 4°58'20 in house 12

Mars Libra 0°32'49 in house 8

Jupiter Scorpio 3°42'56 in house 9

Saturn Libra 20°30'35 in house 8

Uranus Sagittarius 1°52'07 in house 10

Neptune Sagittarius 24°35'34 in house 11

Pluto Libra 26°22'47 in house 9

True Node Cancer 22°46'43 in house 6

HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)Ascendant Aquarius 12°20'17

2nd House Pisces 18°07'38

3rd House Aries 22°34'29

Imum Coeli Taurus 22°25'00

5th House Gemini 18°36'37

6th House Cancer 14°04'29

Descendant Leo 12°20'17

8th House Virgo 18°07'38

9th House Libra 22°34'29

Medium Coeli Scorpio 22°25'00

11th House Sagittarius 18°36'37

12th House Capricorn 14°04'29

and Girl (female)

born on 30 Oct 1984 local time 11:55 pm

in Hyderabad, INDIA U.T. 18:25

78e29, 17n23 sid. time 02:15:56

PLANETARY POSITIONSplanet sign degree

Sun Scorpio 7°30'52 in house 4

Moon Capricorn 28°31'29 in house 6

Mercury Scorpio 19°55'34 in house 4

Venus Sagittarius 12°47'46 in house 5

Mars Capricorn 18°09'40 in house 6

Jupiter Capricorn 8°37'55 in house 6

Saturn Scorpio 17°41'43 in house 4

Uranus Sagittarius 11°41'11 in house 5

Neptune Sagittarius 29°20'42 in house 5

Pluto Scorpio 2°17'24 in house 3

True Node Taurus 27°36'52 in house 10

HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)Ascendant Leo 7°32'45

2nd House Virgo 4°12'10

3rd House Libra 4°09'03

Imum Coeli Scorpio 6°18'14

5th House Sagittarius 8°07'22

6th House Capricorn 8°22'31

Descendant Aquarius 7°32'45

8th House Pisces 4°12'10

9th House Aries 4°09'03

Medium Coeli Taurus 6°18'14

11th House Gemini 8°07'22

12th House Cancer 8°22'31

Composite Horoscope midpoint method

PLANETARY POSITIONSplanet sign degree

Sun Sagittarius 1°19'35 in house 7

Moon Scorpio 20°31'17 in house 7

Mercury Sagittarius 9°21'58 end of house 7

Venus Capricorn 8°53'03 in house 8

Mars Scorpio 24°21'15 in house 7

Jupiter Sagittarius 6°10'26 in house 7

Saturn Scorpio 4°06'09 in house 6

Uranus Sagittarius 6°46'39 in house 7

Neptune Sagittarius 26°58'08 in house 8

Pluto Libra 29°20'05 in house 6

True Node Gemini 25°11'47 in house 2

Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)Ascendant Taurus 9°56'31

2nd House Gemini 11°09'54

3rd House Cancer 13°21'46

Imum Coeli Leo 14°21'37

5th House Virgo 13°21'59

6th House Libra 11°13'30

Descendant Scorpio 9°56'31

8th House Sagittarius 11°09'54

9th House Capricorn 13°21'46

Medium Coeli Aquarius 14°21'37

11th House Pisces 13°21'59

12th House Aries 11°13'30

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Dear Jalpa,

Boy's Rasi (Where moon is in) is Simha and that of girl is Makara. Simha rasi is 8th to Makara rasi . The general prediction for this is break in marriage.This is what you mentioned as Bhakut So you scored Zero points in this.Next in Graha maitri ,boy's Rasi lord is Ravi and girl's Rasi lord is Sani. Ravi and Sani have enemity towards each other , so there can be personality clash between the couple.Here also you scored Zero points. Vasya is mutual submission to each other, not so much important factor if other main points are OK. It is not zero in this case. The other factors are OK. There are no remedies in this compatibility matching. Remedies are there for Kuja Dosha which both of you are not having. Decide as you wish.



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Marriage will not be easy, but there is a lot of opportunity if you are willing to try it. You will not be bored. There will be a lot of strong emotions. You will not get what you expect very often so you will have to be willing to be surprised. It reminds me a lot of my own marriage. It has been difficult in many ways, but I see how I am a better person now because of it. My friends still sometimes thing about rescuing me from my wife.

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the purohit I went to said we have "Mrityushadastak" which basically means either of us will either die, become physically handicap for life or will become very poor.. Is this true?? and is there truly no solution to lessen the effect of mrityushadastak??

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Mrityushadastak, is not present in both our horoscopes. When the purohit is matching it he is getting 6-8rashi in Bhakut. Markara to Simha is 6 and Simha to Markara is 8, and I have also read the Book "Change your Name and Change your Fate" Even in that book the author mentions 6-8rashi simha to Markara (Capricon +leo) leads to death, but it does talk about any solution or pooja for it...

What I don't understand is if there a solution for Mangalik , then why isn't there a soultion for Mrityushadastak, because both the yogas have the same end result = death.

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Dear Jalpa,( Let me know your full name)


No astrologer can directly say happening of death by seeing the horoscopes. It is difficult to predict the time of death. Even if the astrologer guess the time , he can only caution to be carefull.In your case suppose if your purohit says maraka, then is it to the bride or bridegroom or both?. Pl enquire on what basis he is telling.If you still feel like marrying the girl , since Ravi and Sani are the planets giving the Graha Maitri and Rasi Maitri zero points , ask the purohit to do Shanti to these planets in both of your names individually and independently , before the marriage agreement. After marriage also once in a week ,try to visit a Navagraha temple and do puja to Ravi and Sani.

wish you good luck.


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The purohit I went to said that because of 6-8rashi mrityushadastak is a possiblity. He never said anything about time or year of death or anything.. There was another purohit I went to said we should do shanti pooja before marriage...But I don't understand out of 4 purohit how come only 1 purohit menitioned about mrityushadastak

reagarding the Bhakut

BHAKUT: Male(monish) is Simha and female (me- jalpa) is Makar.

I really appreciate your help Mr. Sanjeeva Rao

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Based on the birth details , the advice is given. Purohits may think differently based on their study of different texts.You have to take the views and apply as per your requirement .Astrology only guides you and caution you about likely events that may take place in your life.Ultimately it is you who should decide what to do.I hope all your doubts are cleared.



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