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  1. The purohit I went to said that because of 6-8rashi mrityushadastak is a possiblity. He never said anything about time or year of death or anything.. There was another purohit I went to said we should do shanti pooja before marriage...But I don't understand out of 4 purohit how come only 1 purohit menitioned about mrityushadastak reagarding the Bhakut BHAKUT: Male(monish) is Simha and female (me- jalpa) is Makar. I really appreciate your help Mr. Sanjeeva Rao
  2. Mrityushadastak, is not present in both our horoscopes. When the purohit is matching it he is getting 6-8rashi in Bhakut. Markara to Simha is 6 and Simha to Markara is 8, and I have also read the Book "Change your Name and Change your Fate" Even in that book the author mentions 6-8rashi simha to Markara (Capricon +leo) leads to death, but it does talk about any solution or pooja for it... What I don't understand is if there a solution for Mangalik , then why isn't there a soultion for Mrityushadastak, because both the yogas have the same end result = death.
  3. the purohit I went to said we have "Mrityushadastak" which basically means either of us will either die, become physically handicap for life or will become very poor.. Is this true?? and is there truly no solution to lessen the effect of mrityushadastak??
  4. Thanks so much "Inedible" but I couldn't understand anything ... I would really appreciate if you could explain this
  5. Im am really sorry, for not addressing the question properly below are the information for the guy and girl, who are trying to get married but due to few gunas are equally to zero, the purohit suggested we should not proceed with the marriage. I was wondering if someone could provideus with soultion/ remedy for the guna stated in the subject line
  6. Hello, We went to an purohit and he had said that our Vashya, Grah and BHAKUT (most important) Guna is 0. that means we should not go ahead with this marriage. Can Some please help me out. We both really like each other and want to get married, because of our Bhakut guna rashi one's life can lead to death. Please provide me with solution. Vashya: Male Vashya is Vanchar the female vashya is Jalchar Yoni: Male is Unndar and female is Nkool. Grah Maitri: Male is Ravi rashi lord and female is Sani BHAKUT: Male is Simha and female is Makar Is there any pooja, fasting, donation, ring or anything we can do to gain points in this guna so the marriage can proceed. Boy DOB Dec 17th 1981 Girl DOB Oct 30 1984 Your help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
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