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Student (please help)

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Hi I'm doing an cert in mental health and I would appreciate it a great deal if anybody could tell me in indian culture. What are their beleifs on mental illness . How do they treat mental health disorder? and how do they they recognise and promote mental health? The assignment is due April 3rd please answer this before then thanks for your help Alana. I'm also asking this for my own interests. I am curious about indian culture and would like to learn more about it. Yours Sincerely Alana

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If you are asking about the mass population in general and how they feel about mental health. The majority of the population stand on a see saw in the sense that they do not understand mental health. For example an autistic child may be considered unruly and spoilt but the thought that the child may have a problem may not cross the minds of the parents or other adults in his/her life.

If we talk about depression or anxiety...there is still a large notion of just sucking it up. Few people even approach a doctor to diagnose the problem let alone take medication to treat depression and anxiety.

It may seem that mental health is not widely accepted or recognised amongst the Indians but then again daily life isn't all that easy either. Most kids are trained from childhood to be very responsible regarding there education and family obligations. For example, a young woman will be bought up to know that one day she is to become the member of her husbands family and is taught to live with and assimilate with a whole new life. In the midst of such transformation, anxiety related to this new world may be seen as minor stress and most women just let it go and cope.


Now if we are talking in the sense of religion, many people would consider mental illness just another facotr in God's will. Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism as the west calls it puts a very firm emphasis on the law of karma. you will reap what you sow. in the religious institute our focus is on improving the soul's character to cancel out the effects of previous life's karmas. In this state if someone with a mental health condition was to know Krishna, he would not consider it a sickness but a blessing. After all we are developing the soul and not the physical body.


This seems like much information and it is a background of what i have experienced. If this is the track you are looking for let us know and we will elaborate on your query.


I hope this helps and good luck on your project.

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