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Naadi Astrology

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My experience with Naadi is that they seem to predict the past

accurately, but the future predictions doea not seem to materialize.

I saw my Naadi in Trichi at Siva Naadi-Tharani Balan. They said the

past accurately but the future does not seem true. Nothing that they

said seems to be happening. I foolishly took all important decisions

of my life(like marriage etc.) based on naadi. Now I am regreting it.

Because none of the predictions is true. They have predicted a very

prosperous future for me but now I am in very bad shape.I saw the

first,seventh,<wbr>tenth and also the past birth and remedies(pariyaram)

chapters. I have also completed all the remedies.

What are your experiences.


Also I want to know if I have Neechabangha Rajyoga.


Astrological Details


Name: Sunder Rangarajan

Date of Birth: 06/September/<wbr>1968, Friday

Time of Birth: 3.40 A.M

Place of Birth: Chennai,India.

Latitude: 13.5 N , Longitude: 80.18 E

Local Mean Time: 03:31:12

Lagna: Cancer

Lagna Lord: Moon

Sun Sign: Virgo

Sun Sign Lord: Mercury

Moon Sign: Aquarius

Moon Sign Lord: Saturn

Nakshatra: Satabisha

Nakshatra Lord: Rahu

Current Dasa: Saturn


In my horoscope 3 planets are debilitated.

Saturn is Debilitated and retrogate in Aries. Saturn is also Vargottama.

Venus is debilitated with exalted mercury and Ketu.

Mars is debilitated in lagna in cancer.

Sun in Leo(Moolatrikona)<wbr>with Jupiter which is combust.


From April, I have Saturn Dasa and Venus Bhukti.


Does a Neecha,Vakra and Vargottamma planet give a Uchha planet effect?

If the lord of the house being in quadrent from lagna is itself neecha?

I am very worried. I need some definite answers.


For all the charts please go to:



- Sunder Rangarajan

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