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Narasimha puja

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You should offer arghya, sandalwood, flowers, incense, lamp, and food everyday. Do it in the order I have listed. While offering each thing there are special mantras to say:


First take a vow and say the following mantra:


sri nrsimha mahabhima dayam kuru madopari

adyaham te vidhasyami vrata nirvighnatam naya

"Oh ferocious Nrismha please be merciful to me. Today I will worship you. Please remove all obstacles from my vrata."


Then offer arghya and say:


nrsimhacyuta devesa laksmi kanta jagatpate

anenarghya pradanena saphalah syur manorathah

"Oh Nrsimha, acyuta, Lord of lords, the dearmost of Laksmi, the master of the universe, may all my desires be fulfilled by this offering of arghya."


Then the sandalwood paste:


candanam sitalam divyam candra kumkuma misritam

dadami te pratustryartham nrsimha paramesvara

"Oh nrsimha, Supreme Lord, I offer you this wonderful, cool sandal wood mixed with kumkuma and camphor for your satisfaction."


Then the flowers:


kalodbhavani puspani tulasyadini vai prabho

pujayami nrsimhesa laksmya saha namo'stu te

"Oh Master, Nrsimha, Oh Lord, I worship you along with Laksmi with seasonal flowers and tulasi leaves. I pay my respects to you."




kalaguru mayam dhupam sarva deva sudurlabham

karomi te mahavisno sarva kama samrddhaye

"Oh Mahavisnu, I offer you this aguru incense which is rare even to the demigods, for fulfilment of all desires."


Continue to dipa:


dipah papa harah proktas tamasam rasi nasanah

dipena labhyate tejas tasmad dipam dadami te

"This lamp is said to remove all sin and destroys heaps of ignorance and darkness. By the lamp illumination and glory are attained. Therefore I offer this lamp to you."


Finally the food:


naivedyam saukhyadam castu bhaksya bhojya samanvitam

dadami te ramakanta sarva papa ksayam kuru

"May his offering wonderful edible foods bring happiness to you. Oh Lord of Laksmi, I offer this to you. Please destroy all my sins."


Hope this helps,


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Please read pancharatrika viddhi.

indulekha ji,

could you please teach this servant of lord lakshmi narasimha swami the way to perform proper kalasha sthapana and shodasha puja procedure in details of lord lakshmi narasimha swami...please madam you or anybody who is knowledgeable in this matter if can help me with this...i would be very grateful...since narasimha puja is not quite prevalent in my part of the region...

waiting in anticipation,

nrisimha dasa

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