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Help with Mars-Rahu bandana

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birth info

sept. 17 1963

4:27 a.m.

Glendale, (Los Angeles) CA USA


I have Mars in 3rd House and Rahu in 11th house.

At first I was trying to diminish rahu with Hanuman puja/mars but my internet business became unsuccessful. I have since found out that Rahu is deity for internet and Hanuman frightens Rahu away. So, now I am doing Puja to Narasimha. I read that Rahu worships Narasimha.

I want to strengthen both Mars and Rahu.

Can I do both? I am interested in Chinnamasta worship.


Also I believe I have weak moon in Mars sign. I hear Chamunda mantra is good for that.


Can I worship/japa to all three of these deities?


lastly I am told That I have Vipreet Yoga in my chart. What is this?


Any suggestions for remedies for increasing internet business success and overall financial success is appreciated.


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Your ascendent is not Simha(Leo) but Karkataka(Cancer). Mars is in 4th house. Rahu is in 12th.Lagna lord Moon is in Leo with 6-8 relation to the 7th lord Sani in 7th house aspecting Lagna, 4th and 9th. Jupitor in his own house aspecting Lagna controls the damage. 7 th house represents public contacts and saturn in 7th effects business. Rahu is similar to Saturn in 12th results in wasteful expenditure. Since Jupitor dasa is running things will improve. Try to propitiate Saturn and Rahu.Wear a pearl or moonstone to give strength to self ie Lagna..



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